The best means of fungus on the feet

Athlete's foot to stop a common disease. It is easy to be infected on the beach, in the pool and in the sauna. Fungal defeat the foot causes itching, irritation, bad smell. Curing the disease is not easy. To get rid of ringworm, it is necessary for a long time, that varies from few months to a year. Therapy should be initiated as soon as possible, and the medications chosen correctly. If it is to be treated without consulting a dermatologist, not to bring up the end of the course, the fungus disappear completely. Athlete's foot soon starts again, it will get heavy and is running the form.

The athlete's foot

Drugs against fungal site of action

Antifungal drugs released as:

  • ointments and creams;
  • solutions;
  • of sprays.

All medications, regardless of price and manufacturer, are dealing with fungal infection. But take the medicine must be individually. When you do this, you will respect the response of the body of the patient in these or other medications. Also through the scraping determined by the sensitivity of the fungus to the antifungal therapy.

Low price of medicine does not mean lack of efficacy. Low-cost medicines, but effective, many times, help to combat the infection is no worse pharmaceutical.

Ointments and creams

These antifungals easiest way to deal with a microbe pathogen in the early stages. They stop the growth and development of the pathogen mycoses, dissolve the cell membrane and consume the mycelium. Anti-inflammatory action some ointments allows you to heal attendant of diseases of the skin.

Drugs of this pharmacological group has many advantages:

  • Have few contra-indications;
  • Creams and ointments, you can use up to a month, without fear of side effects and of overdose;
  • The medicine is applied to a point struck by a fungus stage of the dermis;
  • The same ointment is used for the treatment of infections such as skin and nails.

Creams, unlike ointments, contain petroleum jelly. Apply them more easy and convenient. They do not contaminate the clothing and quickly absorbed.

The disadvantage of these tools is that they do not help when complicated forms mycoses. In this case, resort to combination therapy, in addition, giving tablets by mouth.


After the disappearance of disease symptoms, fungal treatment course continue to not less than two weeks. This is necessary for the complete elimination of ringworm.

The most commonly used, such antifungal creams and ointments:

  • Clotrimazolum. It is a drug of wide spectrum. Hormones in the composition of the medicine is missing. Use the medicine for months, causing it two to three times a day on the affected area. Onychomycosis is untreated much more time, in some cases, even for the year. Contraindications you The Clotrimazole little allergic reactions, pregnancy and lactation;
  • Exoderil - the main component is an antifungal synthetic tool outdoor applications. The remedy destroys or suspends the development of fungi pathogens. After application, it penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, acts on different types of pathogens mycoses. Cream apply one to two times per day, the treatment depends on the stage of the disease. Contraindications the only two – hypersensitivity to drug and pregnancy. Children up to the age of seven years that the medicine is not prescribed;
  • Lamisil. The best remedy for all types of mycoses. The main component of medications terbinafine. It is used for the treatment of infectious diseases of skin and nails. The medicine two weeks prevents skin infections and onychomycosis is treated up to six months. There are counter-indications. Terbinafine is not prescribed to children, pregnant women, and for diseases of the liver, kidneys, blood vessels;
  • Nizoral. It slows the growth of fungi pathogenic in the early days of ingestion, thus preventing the infection more. When long-term use of, completely destroys pathogens mycoses. The main component of drugs – ketoconazole. Helps you to deal with different types of fungi – superficial and deep. Course of treatment a year and a half months. These only applies to the hypersensitivity to the composition of the medicine and the disease of the liver;
  • Mycosan Efficient tool of fungi on the feet. The main component of the drug – enzyme rye. It destroys the lipid shell of the mold spores. Quickly cure onychomycosis caused by dermatophytes. The set includes disposable files for treatment of the nail plate. The first results of the treatment can be seen already in 2 weeks. The ointment can not be used by pregnant women and diabetics. It is also not prescribed for children until three years of age.
The ointment


Aerosol form antifungal funds, does not require direct contact with the beat of the site. Therefore, more and more prescribed in the integrated system of therapy for different types of ringworm. The most effective way of medicines applies to:

  • Nyc. In a bottle containing a weak solution of terbinafine, excipients and fillers. The medicine in the form of a spray easily penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and the nail. Course of treatment ringworm is only a week. Are possible side effects – itching and redness of the skin, skin irritation, urticaria. In this case the drug should be canceled;
  • Bifosine the substance of a group of derivatives asola, derived from imidazole. Antifungal tool. It has fungicide action. Destroys pathogens and fungal diseases. The medicine sprayed in the affected area, once a day, in the evening. The fungus of the foot treat, therefore, within a month. After the disappearance of symptoms ringworm spray continue to apply at least two weeks, otherwise the condition may come back;
  • Termikon. Destroys the pathogenicity of fungi and bacteria, relieve inflammation. With the athlete's foot can be cured in just a week. Cause spray, once per day. The medicine is also applied to prevent infection with a fungus of the foot. For this, the drug is applied on the feet before going to the pool, the sauna, the beach and other places where it is possible the contamination mycosis stop. The medicine is not prescribed for pregnant women in period of lactation, children from an early age.


Aerosols combine with folk media. The only way you can achieve good results in the fight against ringworm.

Medicines for removal of the patient from the nail

If the disease has gone too far and heal battered ringworm nail is not possible, it is removed. With the time, in the place of the patient's nail grow back healthy. Remove the card that you can surgically, the laser and with the help of medications.

Nogtivit – pharmacy drug, which allows you to painlessly clear struck ringworm of the nail. It is a good alternative to surgery.

Nail pre-steam it in hot water. She add a bit of baking soda and liquid soap. Then, the leg wipe the skin around the nail bed gently stick with band-aid. Nail treat lima for better penetration of the medicine.

The medicine is applied to a thick layer on the sick area. In the skin, the medicine should not enter. Then, cover with paste adhesive and leave for three to four days. As a result of the action of medicines nail exfoliate and is easily removed. The procedure if necessary, begin again.


Drug treatment local action is not always possible to get rid of the fungus stop. Then, the patient is prescribed comprehensive therapy, which includes anti-fungal oral drugs.

It is more common when avium stop to prescribe such medications:

  • Fluconazole – the remedy destroys the cells of the mycelium, effective for many types of mycoses. The dosage adjusted individually. Accept it once per day. The treatment lasts until the complete elimination of fungi. Check the effect of the treatment with the help of a research laboratory. Has many counter-indications of the medicine, with the care prescribed for diseases of the kidneys, liver. Pregnant women and children up to one year these pills drink;
  • Termikon. Inhibits the development of fungi pathogens, heals many types of mycoses. Drink this medicine once a day. The average rate of three month treatment. Contraindications minimum the pill is not prescribed to pregnant and lactating women, as well as children up to 3 years;
  • The ketoconazole. Effective in the treatment of the execution of mycoses. It is contraindicated in diseases of the liver, pregnancy. Has many side effects, is not compatible with a number of pharmacological agents, therefore, applies only by a physician. Sold strictly on prescription.
  • Itraconazole. Is available in capsules, effective for many types of mycoses. Drink it two times a day after meals. The course of treatment depends on the type of fungus and the area of injury.

Pick up the pill-antifungals can only doctor. These medicines many contraindications and side effects. Do not drink when a series of diseases. Self-medication oral antifungal drugs is dangerous to health and life of a patient.

Peeling salt

Folk remedies

Assist in the treatment of the fungus to the feet of such medicines can only in the initial phase of the disease. Apply them in conjunction with medications. The tool of folk medicine speed the recovery, the regeneration of the tissues, prevent the spread of fungal infection, improve the general state of the patient. Apply popular treatment methods only after consulting your doctor.

Popular recipes to combat germs, pathogens, bacterial flora:

  • Vinegar – an effective remedy against the fungus. Applies in the form of trays, lotions, ointments. Acidic environment is disastrous for all types of mycoses. The compress with 9-interest rates with a solution of vinegar apply to the infected nail, keep lotion 10-15 minutes. The procedure is repeated several times a day. After two weeks, the symptoms of ringworm should disappear. The tray do this: a cup of vinegar added in the basin with warm water, rises in it the feet for 15 to 20 minutes. Undergo the treatment several times per week, until the complete elimination of ringworm. The ointment to the base of vinegar serves alone, mixing it with glycerin, olive oil, and preparation of dimethyl air. This mixture is applied over the nail sick and leave for a few hours. Then, the remains of ointment wash economic soap;


The vinegar is denied by pregnant women, children up to 5 years and people with an allergy to acid. Before you apply the tool in your basis need a medical consultation.

  • The peroxide of hydrogen. In the pre-steamed nails put a piece of cotton, dampened with peroxide. To let a cotton swab for about half an hour. If you perform this procedure twice per day for two weeks, then, the fungus should disappear, without the risk of relapse;
  • Soda. Alkaline Wednesday violates the livelihoods of fungi, causes the death of its cells. Soda helps restore the nail plate, it relieves the inflammation, kills harmful microorganisms. Apply it in the form of toothpaste and bathroom. To cook the noodles sodium bicarbonate mixed with water to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Then, this mixture is applied on the nails, neatly, that processes the affected area. Undergo medical procedure several times a day. Tubs serves to dissolve the soda in 5 to 7 litres of water. In addition, add two tablespoons of salt and some of iodine. To pass the leg in such water several times per week, 15 to 20 minutes;
  • Alcohol solution of iodine. For the destruction of the fungus in the feet of a few drops of iodine solution is applied over the surface of the nail. The procedure passes two times per day, during a long period of time. More revenue daily 15-minute bath. In a couple of gallons of warm water add 15 to 20 ml of a solution of iodine. Are treated as being not less than two months;
  • lodinolum – a medicine based on iodine, which also helps to get rid of onichamicose. The drug is applied yes ill nail or apply a compress. Lotion bugging plaster and changed twice a day.

In some individuals there is an idiosyncrasy to iodine. Before you apply need to check on allergic reactions. This can be done like this: apply a bit of drilling on the skin. If there is a strong redness, itching, and then apply the medication to the base of iodine, the patient may not.

How to properly treat the athlete's foot

The drugs have helped, and the fungus disappeared quickly and permanently, in time of treatment comply with simple rules:

  • You should wash the feet before applying them to the drug. Washing preferably with warm water, economic, and soap. If the patient has onychomycosis, then you need to steam the damaged nail in a bath tub with hot water. The duration of the procedure at least five minutes. Medicine as a consequence, penetrate into the deeper layers of the nail and best to deal with the pathogenic fungus;
  • Ill nail you need to cut as short as possible. You should not just delete the speakers snippets, but neatly and get rid of the breakage of the parts. To perform these procedures is the best of all, after you steam;
  • Apply medicine should be, simultaneously, in all affected areas. Also need to deal with the adjacent healthy tissues;
  • Assign a proper treatment can only a doctor dermatologist or mycologist. For this, he will take the analysis of samples of affected tissue and to determine what the fungus infected with the patient. Also the doctor will examine the resistance of the fungus to the drugs and prescribe the most appropriate of the patient with complex medication;
  • To avoid re-infection, to treat antimicrobial action, solutions, shoes, manicures and pedicure tools, and other items that can get spores of the pathogen.

Prevention of mycoses

To prevent diseases of fungus of the feet, the need to respect the rules of personal hygiene when visiting public places. These include beaches, swimming pools, sauna. The spores of the pathogens that breed in wet environments, therefore, the legs after such places should be carefully cleaned and dried.


The treatment of fungal diseases involved medical mycologist. When there is in the clinic of an it professional can consult the dermatologist. Self-medication is dangerous and will not go to recovery.

It is not possible to use someone else's shoes, including slippers. Personal hygiene items should also be for everyone. The feet is not possible to keep constantly in a wet environment. Cotton socks help you not get sick ringworm, changing them should be as fast as possible. Summer shoes it is advisable to use open. People with excessive sweating feet it is worth taking measures to reduce the sweating.

When the threat of infection by a fungus it is possible to take advantage of of prescribed drugs. These medicines prevent infection of the skin. Its applied before or after visiting the pool, beach, sauna.