Effective remedy for foot fungus

Due to fungal infection encountered every adult in childhood or adulthood. Athlete's foot is the most common lesions of the skin of the feet.

effective remedy for foot fungus

However, inherent in this disease suspicious scaly patches, burning sensation and itching can occur in other pathological conditions, e.g. eczema. In this case, it is important to determine the type of the disease, to pick up a cheap but effective drugs and treat foot fungus.

What is foot fungus?

The athlete's foot - a fungal infection, often occurring between the toes. Cause it may be one or several types of fungi. Is most often diagnosed in adults as it is unique in its composition of children's sweat inactivates most types of fungus.

The following types of mycotic lesions stop:

  • candidiasis - yeast like, often occurs in women and is caused by low immunity;
  • athlete - especially a "male" disease, which develops on the background of excessive sweating of the feet;
  • trichophytosis or rubromikoz is a very contagious (easy to catch), it is found even in children.

The only cause of mycosis - fungal infection infection. There are several precipitating factors that allow microorganisms to easily take root and massively proliferate in the skin layers.

Provocative fungal "aggression" States:

  • hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating of the feet;
  • microtrauma - wearing tight shoes;
  • insufficient hygiene of the feet;
  • use other people's washcloths and towels;
  • walking barefoot in the baths/saunas, pools, changing rooms of the gym;
  • wearing someone else's shoes;
  • immunosuppression - prolonged treatment with antibiotics or hormonal drugs, chronic infection, cancer, thyroid disease and gastrointestinal tract.


Foot fungus, its symptoms and course of disease vary depending on the patient's age, degree of immunodeficiency and the nature of the peripheral circulation.

In infected person with a strong immune protection, the fungus can months to show only small, barely noticeable outbreaks and mild itching. However, violation of hygiene, colds provokes a rapid development of a fungal infection. All patients reported:

  • an unpleasant odor;
  • the gradual expansion of the lesions;
  • the appearance of scales of a white - yellowish color;
  • itching, somewhat reduced after washing of the feet;
  • in the long - thickening and crumbling of toenails.



Quality treatment depends on properly selected medicines, so it is important to identify the form of fungal infection. Without diagnostics it is impossible to assign an inexpensive but effective drugs for the treatment of foot fungus.

A brief look at forms of the disease:

  • intertriginous

From infection to symptom onset is 4-12 days. Initially, fungal lesions appear in between the III-V fingers. On reddened skin appear shallow fissures with scaly sides.

The characteristic sweating (the greenhouse effect) pathological lesions swell and become loose. When this itching increases, there is a burning sensation. Often simultaneously with the treatment of foot fungus antifungal medication is necessary to treat the nail fungus.

  • hyperkeratotic

Fungal colony "inhabited by" podpalcevye pads, less heel. There are areas of dry thickened skin with a pronounced pattern of grooves.

Little flaky causing itching. The overall picture resembles corns, however, mycotic cyanotic-purple plaques often appear deep bleeding cracks.

  • disgidroticheskaya

The localization of lesions of the arch of the foot. On a reddened background, there are watery bubbles with a diameter of 2-8 mm. Burst, they deliver quite the painful feelings of the patient, formed oozing erosion.

If not comb, erosive lesion dries up, covered with small scales. Sometimes the disease practically disappears, and then attacks with renewed vigor.

  • squatter

This form quite often goes unnoticed due to the absence of itching. The surface of the stop becomes excessively dry, glossy. Against this background, formed erythematous scaly plaques that gradually increase in size.

Fungal infection on one foot may move on to another.

Long flowing mycotic process rich:

  • the massive defeat of both feet and nail plates;
  • purulent inflammation (with combs);
  • education bleeding cracks.

Folk remedies

Use home recipes type of walking in the dew, soaking the feet in freshly brewed coffee and a foot bath with sea salt are use at your own risk.

Even more caution should be taken to national treatment foot fungus compounds containing vinegar, potassium permanganate and celandine, they often cause burns.

As a supplementary to the medical course means we can recommend the bath with calendula and oak bark, embedment of the powder from the dried herbs St. John's wort, sage, chamomile. Ease symptoms and soda baths.


  • Foot health, a daily change of socks.
  • Wearing individual bath Slippers in the pools/saunas.
  • Exclude wearing someone else's shoes, its occasionally clean the inside smelling salts. The fungus in the shoes stored up to 5 years! The same processing is subjected to all the shoes during treatment of athlete's foot.
  • Maintenance of immunity at the proper level.
  • To avoid re-development of mycosis treatment ointments continue for another 2 weeks. After complete removal of the external signs of fungal infection.