Effective remedy for fungus toenails

Nail fungus treatment drugs cheap

Often people perceive different fungal exclusively as problems of cosmetic nature. Because the affected areas are the unsightly appearance, there is an unpleasant smell. But few people know about the negative impact of long-term fungal infections on the immune system, as well as the entire human body. Today we get too deep into this topic. For many it is very relevant. Therefore, we will examine the nail fungus treatment drugs cheap but effective, that really help to solve this problem.

What is onychomycosis

Onychomycosis (nail fungus) is a contagious disease that affects everyone. Quite often, nail fungus develops on the background of existing human fungal skin palms, feet. This disease is insidious — the symptoms are initially subtle. Just face failure started treatment, increase of timing of antifungal therapy. Therefore, for successful treatment it is important to pay attention to the events that happen changes. Wasting no time, should refer to specialists for tests, which can confirm the diagnosis of nail fungus. Treatment — drugs, inexpensive but effective are selected depending on the extent of damage, determine the individual tolerance.

Causes of nail fungus

Causes of nail fungus
  • poor cleanliness (late wash, long wearing dirty clothes);
  • excessive sweating;
  • reduced immunity;
  • various chronic diseases (intestinal, thyroid, stomach, and liver);
  • working with chemicals without gloves (the occurrence of disease of the skin).

Onychomycosis — where to get?

The infection can occur:

  • when you visit the pool, sauna, gym and even beach — moisture and warmth — ideal conditions for the development of the fungus;
  • when using someone else's shoes, gloves (even a short stay in the guest Slippers can cause fungal infections);
  • when wiping with a towel, which is used by a person who has a fungal disease.

It should be noted that rarely has the fungus infection in children with good immunity is an effective protection for children's skin provides sweat.

Nail fungus — the main symptoms

Find subtle damage to the nail plate, not all of us are puzzled by search of causes of this trouble. And especially to the doctor will run immediately, for which he will pay in the near future problems more difficult. A small spot on the nail starts to grow. Then change the color and structure of the nail plate, the appearance of the affected area attracts the attention of others.

Unsightly nails affected by fungus, begins to raise questions of others, dismissive attitude. A person who has this disease begins with a special zeal to fight the fungus, using sometimes the most unexpected means and ways. Often, however, the ways in which expected immediate effect, prove ineffective and even cause more damage. In order to achieve successful treatment, finding signs of nail fungus, be sure to see a doctor, be tested and receive an individual treatment program.

Stages of nail fungus

  1. The initial stage is characterized by the appearance of barely visible white spots or stripes on the nail plates. Sometimes they are located in the corners of the nail plate or around the edges of the slice. The nail surface is not changed, the nodules are not formed. At the initial stage of the lesion effective use of therapeutic varnishes and the use of proven folk remedies.
  2. The average stage flows quite a while. Available at the nail spot starts to increase in size, change color to yellow or even brown. Wonder more than half of the nail and its base, formed by the thickening, the structure of the nail plate in this stage, loose and layered. In this period, the treatment is longer, but does not require the use of systemic medications (tablets) against the fungus.
  3. Severe stage of onychomycosis occurs in the absence of treatment, the ineffectiveness of the means employed. The nail plate at this stage is much thickened, crumbly, has a dirty gray or yellow. Also there is an unpleasant smell and painful when in contact with clothing. The skin around the damaged nail is constantly itching. Severe stage fungal infections requires the use of fungicides. And in particularly severe cases — removal of the entire affected nail.

Local antifungals

Local antifungals
  1. Antifungal ointment having an oily base, are not very effective in the treatment of this disease. This is because their structure does not provide sufficient penetration into the nail plate. If nail fungus is combined with a lesion of the skin, such creams can be used as a concomitant treatment at an early stage.
  2. Medical lucky — their primary advantage is their discreet use. To apply such coatings for the treatment is required several times a week, use period — from 2 months to a year. Do not use varnish treatment during pregnancy, in childhood. The disadvantage of these drugs is their high price. During the application do not use decorative paints.
  3. Antifungal solutions are used in accordance with the instructions and are quite effective in the implementation of the schemes. They assume pre-cut the nail before applying the product or scraping it loose parts, no injury. With some funds of this type are disposable nail files. The cost of these drugs — from average to high.

Keratolytic treatment for nail fungus

Inexpensive alternative (and painless) hardware removal of nail plate affected by the fungus, are keratolytic remedies. They allow softening, dissolving the Horny layer of the nail and contribute to its rejection. The application of these means are shown in lesions of the nail area of more than 40%. Before using drugs must carefully study the enclosed instructions and operate without breaking the rules.

Method of application provides:

  1. Steaming nail in hot water with addition of soap and soda.
  2. Scratching the surface with a nail file (to improve penetration).
  3. Abundant lubrication is chosen.
  4. Covering the treated area with a bandage.

Such actions with the affected nail are made once every 3-4 days. there is a complete cycle of treatments (steaming, scraping, tool handles). The result produced by the manipulation of the location of the patient's nail should grow perfectly healthy.

Effective oral treatment for fungus

Antifungal pills are quite toxic, have a lot of contraindications. The particular harm it can cause to the liver. Appoint such drugs should dermatologist. Which pre-study picture of the disease and establish the necessity of application in complex treatment. Most of the tablets against nail fungus are assigned when the advanced form of the disease or a very fast development.

Folk remedies that allow you to cure nail fungus

Folk remedies that allow you to cure nail fungus

Nail fungus treatment drugs cheap but effective and offers a traditional medicine. Most folk remedies in their composition contain one or the other acid (the fungus is afraid of her). Compositions that have antimicrobial and antifungal action, and also are affordable in price, unlike some pharmaceutical drugs.

Folk remedy # 1. Treatment of nail fungus with hydrogen peroxide

One of the effective means in the fight against onychomycosis, which have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, is the hydrogen peroxide. It is a transparent liquid with a specific smell. The success of the application of this tool is ensured by its oxidative properties. To buy hydrogen peroxide in pharmacy without a prescription, at an affordable price. In addition to the solution there are also pills and powder that must be diluted in water.

Before application of hydrogen peroxide affected fungus area should be carefully prepared. Need to steam at no very hot water with the addition of baking soda. Cut from the cotton pad piece in the shape of the area affected by the fungus, soak it with hydrogen peroxide. Dry the nail with a cloth, gently put on his soaked in peroxide a piece of cotton pad, covering the entire affected area. If you need to wrap your finger plastic wrap that cotton pad is not shifted and the liquid has not evaporated. Set the minute for 15 minutes for fingernails, and for an hour or for the nails of the feet. If you succeed, you can dig a few droplets of hydrogen peroxide under the nail. Repeat this simple procedure 3-4 times during the day.

If you experience a strong burning sensation around the treated area should be washed with water surrounding skin to avoid burns. Improvement will be noticeable on the 4th day procedures. The similar effect have the bath of peroxide of hydrogen (one liter of hot water add a couple of tablespoons of peroxide 3%) . 15 minutes should be lowered into the tray the fingertips and nails 2 times a day.

Folk remedy number 2. The vinegar in the fight against nail fungus

Vinegar (Apple cider, white distilled) helps to get rid of fungus and grow quite healthy nail in place amazed. Recipe use corny easiest pipette vinegar is applied to the damaged surface and under the nail. The procedure is performed every day till complete cure. Side effects with this treatment can be a burning of the skin next to the treated spot or sore throat from the inhaled vapor. It is not recommended to make the bath of vinegar, as this may cause burns.

Noteworthy this recipe: 2 parts vinegar + 2part alcohol + 1 part glycerin. All components are thoroughly mixed in a glass container. Obtained by means of impregnated gauze or a cotton pad. Then re placed on the damaged area. Such gadgets need to do 2-4 weeks. The diseased nail after such procedures is eliminated, and in its place grows new and healthy. Before applying the lotion the skin around the treated place should be lubricated with any oil, to avoid burns.

Folk remedy number 3. Corn flour against the fungus

The traditional recipes to combat nail fungus, there are tools, which are based on corn flour. This flour healers credited with antimycotic action and recommend baths with its addition. The duration of such therapy needs to be up to an hour. Corn flour mixed with warm water (1 : 2), leave for half an hour. In the prepared mixture was placed in the fingers or toes affected by fungus with the nails. To make such flour baths every 3 days.

Folk remedy # 4. Methylphthalate in the fight against nail fungus

To treat nail fungus at home remedy on the basis Methylphthalate. For its preparation is taken Methylphthalate teaspoon, dessert spoon of vinegar (table), two eggs, a teaspoon of vegetable oil. In a clean container all components are mixed into a homogeneous mass. The mixture goes in the fridge. Apply the composition with Methylphthalate is causing a small amount of it on the site of the injury by a fungus and covering with plastic wrap (compress). On top put on warm socks. The duration of treatment depends on the extent of fungal damage, to recovery.

Other folk remedies that are popular, it is also worth noting the following:

  • use conditioner mixed with lemon juice or vinegar;
  • drawing on fungus affected places juice of garlic;
  • the use of natural tea tree oil;
  • painting iodine mesh on the nail plate;
  • the application of compresses with propolis (alcohol tincture);
  • treatment of nail fungus slices Kombucha.

These folk remedies will help to cure not too advanced nail fungus. Treatment drugs cheap but effective will result in the implementation of the recommendations specified in the recipe proportions. However, it should be remembered that in the field of fungal infections pain should not self-medicate. As soon as possible to get the expert advice of a dermatologist.

Prevention of onychomycosis

To avoid infection with nail fungus will help simple rules that should be obeyed is not difficult:

  • you must only wear your shoes, even Slippers;
  • use an individual towel to dry hands in public places use of disposable wipes;
  • when you visit the pool, baths, saunas in the locker room of the gym not to walk barefoot;
  • daily wash your feet, change your socks;
  • to buy possible shoes made from natural materials that "breathe";
  • to monitor the condition of the shoes is to dry it after walking in the rain, in the mud, wash the outside and inside using soap;
  • when working with chemicals, use gloves;
  • promptly treat excessive sweating of the feet (as folk remedies, and medical drugs).

Please note!

  • To identify the fungus at home, soaking feet or hands in a solution of potassium permanganate. A few minutes will be painting nails in a brown color. The site of fungal lesions will remain white.
  • During treatment of nail fungus should make treatment of footwear. To use a 1% solution of formalin or chloramine. After one of the solutions will be processed in the inner part of the shoes should be put in the packet. Well close it for 40 minutes and then get out of the package and put it on the balcony for weathering.