How to cure fungus on your feet?

Fungi are characterized by their vitality, they may live in an unfavorable environment for five years, even in clothing and shoes. Fungal infections can be seen on the feet and nail plates, these leg problems are becoming more necessary every year.


Of course, people easily can find a lot of drugs to fight fungal infection in his feet, but without examination of the dermatologist difficult to find the right medicine. Need full-time inspection, just look at the stop condition of the patient, the healer prescribes treatment and diagnoses. In this article we will discuss the subject of foot fungus.

General features

Contracting or simply get fungus very easy, the items and clothing of the patients keeps a lot of bacteria, and in contact with it anyone can become infected. Most often, the infection occurs during swimming, baths, saunas, gymnasium and other similar places where high humidity and temperature.

Now known two types of infection:

  • Onychomycosis (occurs in the nails of the feet);
  • Fungus feet.

If a person infected with foot fungus, he's got pimples and a rash on the feet. The fungus progresses on the top and the delicate layers of the skin, very often it can be seen between the fingers. The disease evolves at an incredible pace, but it all depends on the human immune system, someone can become infected easily, and someone cannot be infected at all. The chances of Contracting this disease increase with the years, also they are high in those who already had them.

Symptoms of foot fungus

After the infection begins the skin inflammation and strong burning sensation in the feet. Begins deformation of the skin, as in psoriasis. The skin is cracked, sore and scaly and ointments do not help. But the intensity of the symptoms depends on the stage and type of fungus. If this membrane, it will appear between the fifth and fourth toe. Skin is destroyed and covered with scales, dry and cracked. Due to the decrease of the resistance of skin starts infectious disease, because the bacteria quickly seep through a weak spot.

The fungus causes intense pain in the foot and leather on the heel and feet becomes very thick and dense. But the cracks on the skin and the thickness of the skin is only the initial stage, if the disease becomes severe, the infection spreads to the nails. The nails begin to crumble, get fat, and then fall out, but the loss of the fingernails occurs only in the most severe cases.

Vesicular fungus is characterized by inflammation in the form of blisters, they are filled with pus and cause a lot of discomfort. Blisters occur at the bottom of the foot, and the disease is accompanied by severe bacterial infections.

Diagnosis of fungal diseases

To make a diagnosis and tell you exactly what stage of the disease, and what this means, we need face-to-face examination of the expert. The dermatologist sees the patient's leg, ask clarifying questions and ask the most important question – was it infected before? In any case, the doctor will review the nails or skin infection. To detect the fungus, a person cut off a piece of nail or scratching a piece of skin. Test different methods to detect the fungus in the body use potassium hydroxide. The stage of the disease determined by cultivation, but when the symptoms are too strange and unfamiliar to the doctor, he may conduct a biopsy of the skin, and then look at the image through a microscope.

What are the reasons for developing the disease?

Most people come into contact with the fungus without knowing it. The fact that it is distributed in humid areas of high temperature, which often appear people. For example, if you go to the pool, you may accidentally step on the fungus in the shower, and the disease starts to progress at a fast pace. Even if you have a familiar person who is sick with this disease, he can infect you if you touch his garment, or even worse – to shoes. You can become infected even during a pedicure or manicure, if the nail scissors have a fungal infected and scales. Also the infection can pass through towel, therefore, never use a stranger.

fungus treatment

Predisposition to disease is in people with deformed feet, excess weight and poor blood circulation in the legs. Clearly, if a person daily stress and a weakened immune system – increased chance of catching even a wrong diet and the constant use of antibiotics may help fungi to reproduce, and your body will not be able to resist them. So you need to watch your health and eat right to prevent infection are unable to enter the body.

The foot fungus treatment

It is impossible to treat the disease without diagnosis, so for starters, what's the stage of the disease and its burden. Most often people are not sent to the hospital and is prescribed home treatment with potent drugs. But the drugs are of two types, one slow down the development of fungus, while others completely destroy it. If you find any symptoms of fungal infection on the feet, you can go directly to the dermatologist, and go to the pharmacy and buy anti-fungal medication.

In the drugstore you can find many lotions, creams and gels for the treatment of fungus, but they are only suitable for combating the most common form of membrane. Even during treatment, simple preparations, you need to look below his feet was dry and clean. When the disease begins to progress, it is necessary to be examined by a doctor and prescribe pills, but in any case, do not drink the medication without prescription.

Often you can meet the infection of the nails, called onychomycosis, occurs during the fungal disease. To cure this infection is incredibly difficult, because the skin on the feet is very dense and thick. A classic ointment to combat the fungus will not help, they will not be able to seep into the skin and affect the fungus. Dermatologist he prescribe treatment, quite intense and serious.

If the vesicular form of the disease – the doctor removes the blisters, he cuts the tip of the blister and the pus flows out, and then the skin area dries out and recovers. In place apply a special compress, in the drug solution. Sometimes applied antifungal ointment or cream. But there are times when the body is infected, and in this case, only one operation will not help, you need to continue treatment with antibiotics.

In the most severe cases, appoint special corticosteroids. Gradually reduce the dose, as the recovery of the body, but the treatment lasts as long as the disease is not fully recede. But in rare cases the disease may recur, even if it was assigned to the most effective treatment. The fact that the doctor prescribes preventive treatment after getting rid of the fungus, and not always the people doing the prevention. Treatment should continue until, until the infection disappears completely, and if the symptoms are gone and no pain – should continue to receive treatment, otherwise re-infection can not be avoided.

Don't forget that when the first symptoms need to start treatment. The fungus can penetrate deeply into tissue and to acquire a severe form, and to deal with blisters and severe bacterial infection is much more difficult than usual. Therefore, when the first symptoms consult a doctor, or at least buy an ointment at the pharmacy, she is able to get rid of the initial forms of the disease. To cure the acute infection is easier than chronic and chronic, which is already rooted in the body. If you are a supporter of folk medicine, you can use compresses of tea tree oil or garlic, they have antibacterial and antifungal activity. Do not delay treatment for later, you risk infection of the toenails and getting severe stage of the disease, and to fight her without a competent specialist is almost impossible.

Treatment of fungus on toe nails

Onychomycosis is manifested in a very sharp, nails will immediately change color to yellow, brown, or even green. The structure of the nail becomes thick and pretty thick, and if the nail has become thick, the treatment is not effective enough. Further, the deformation of the nail, until falling off and full of loss.

What may develop onychomycosis?

The reason is the same as that of an ordinary fungus – swimming pools and saunas. No wonder doctors recommend to wear Slippers in the pools, they save the feet from fungus and other nasty infections. If you randomly step on a place where there is a fungal flakes – contamination will occur instantly, including you can pick up and heavy disease.

There are other common causes which develop the disease:

  • Self-medication with antibiotics.
  • Serious illnesses – obesity, HIV, diabetes, lowered immunity.
  • Cracks or serious injury on the skin and nails.

Treatment of fungus on nails

nail treatment

Most importantly – a systematic approach, and rather – complex. You need to treat the fungus as well as any other disease. External use ointment, but inside to use capsules and tablets, including antibiotics. In special clinics use the latest devices, such as a drill with different attachments, they struggle with thick nails. In advanced cases, the intervention of the surgeon, so if you don't want to be in the surgeon's office, it is better to start treatment immediately after the onset of symptoms. Easy stage fungal disease cured in 3 weeks, sometimes it takes a few months, but everything is strictly individually. Below we will describe methods of treatment of diseases of folk ways, if you don't want to go to the doctors.

Treatment with folk remedies

A long time ago a fungus was treated without surgery and potent chemicals, and even achieved positive results. But now there are other treatments much more effective. At home you can prepare an ointment to combat the fungus, it is characterized by its efficiency and the ability to disinfect the affected areas of skin.

You will need:

  • 5 grams dimethyl phthalate;
  • 20 milliliters of vinegar 70% (you can substitute vegetable oil);
  • One chicken egg.

Mix all ingredients until smooth, and then pour the cream in a small Cup or flask and store in the refrigerator. RUB the ointment into nails, and then zamatyvala foot pack and wear socks, it is advisable to put a two foot package. Use ointment at night to act as long as possible. Full recovery will happen in a month, but you can speed up the process and to smear the ointment even in the morning, for example on weekends, when it is not necessary to go anywhere.

But whatever effective treatments, it is better to prevent disease than to fight it. Observe good personal hygiene and always wear Slippers in the sauna and the pool, wash tub on time, and you will never get fungus.