Treatment of nail fungus folk remedies at home

Few people know that using vinegar can solve very complex medical problem of the elimination of nail fungus. Due to the availability of vinegar (9% acid solution), and even acetic essence (70% acid solution), which can be bought at a hardware store or market, there are many ways to treat foot fungus with the help of this product.

Of course, self-treatment with vinegar should be done only if the disease is not moved into running shape, and it is desirable to combine it with specially designed drugs. However, if there is an urgent need in the treatment of nail fungus, and time and money for doctor's visits, and medication, you can use vinegar alone, the main thing – to adhere to the relevant safety regulations.

Vinegar baths

Features the application of vinegar to treat fungus

The main effect of using vinegar is the establishment of the fungus infection an acidic environment that prevents the growth of hyphae and spores being spread. Gradually, the fungus left without access to new sources of nutrients, die, and the absence of much more hardy spores prevents the possibility of recurrence of the disease.

At first glance, everything is very simple – to destroy bacteria antiseptic. But in fact, the fungus is very tenacious, as his body is not on the surface of the nail or skin, and goes into the body tissues. In this regard, a positive result from treatment of cancer-mycosis should be expected only in the case of the strict regularity of the procedures, which will not leave the parasite time to rehabilitation and penetrate the skin.

Before carrying out the treatment of nail fungus, make sure you used consistent concentration of acetic acid and the specified in the recipe. If the recipe contains mention of vinegar, it refers to the 70 % solution that must be dissolved or apply point. Food or vinegar, respectively, and contain 6 or 9 % acid. Neglect of these data can lead to the fact that the treatment will end up with chemical burns.

Except this time, there are no special contraindications to the treatment with vinegar there. Very rare individual intolerance, but vinegar is such a common substance that patients typically know about this particular organism. The burning sensation may occur during the first procedures, but this is normal and eventually passes. The rest of the vinegar, in compliance with safety regulations poses no threat to health.

Vinegar baths

Warm foot baths are considered to be effective against the fungus, the regular use allows to get rid of onychomycosis at an early stage without additional medicines. Also vinegar baths are an excellent prevention of fungal infection. For the procedure required warm, about 50 degrees, water and a glass of table vinegar 9% concentration. The water level in the basin should not be high, but only up to the ankles. Feet dipped in the solution and kept there for 15 minutes.

Before the vinegar bath, it is desirable to conduct a full pedicure, including the removal of affected areas of the nail plate, the dead layers of the skin, calluses and corns on the feet, but without applying a decorative coating to the nails. If you cut and file your nails yourself, you need to do it very carefully so as microdamages of the skin can facilitate the spread of fungal infection.

Immediately after the acetic bath foot wipe off with a towel and wear cotton socks. Repeat three times a week.

Acetic gadgets

Lotions on the areas affected by the fungus is best done after the bath with vinegar. For this suitable pharmaceutical funds and net 9% vinegar, which moisten a cotton pad and apply to the nail for fifteen minutes.

More complex recipe: blend vodka or medical alcohol, glycerine and acetic acid, 70% in equal proportions, mix until smooth. A cotton swab moistened with a solution, keep fifteen minutes on the affected area, and then put on socks made of cotton material. The course of treatment – a week, if necessary, can be repeated in a few days.


Ointment on the basis of the vinegar stored for a long time and they are easier to apply than a liquid consistency. To prepare the acetate ointment, you must take acetic acid 70%, glycerin and olive oil in the ratio of 2:1:1:1, respectively. After thorough mixing of all ingredients the ointment is ready for use.

To prevent the spread of fungal infection and kill pathogens need to daily apply the ointment on the affected areas with a cotton swab, stand 8-10 hours, then rinse with soap. Use this recipe not only for the treatment of cancer-mycosis of the toenails, but also on the affected nails of hands.

Preventive measures against the fungus are in compliance with the rules of hygiene, especially in public areas – sauna, swimming pool, bowling club. Choose comfortable shoes and socks made of natural materials, because poor circulation in the feet combined with high humidity create conditions for the development of onychomycosis. Gymnastic exercises, physical exercises and Jogging improve blood circulation and strengthen immune defenses, making the body immune to fungal and other infections.


Treatment of fungus toenails tea tree oil

Tea tree oil – effective against bacteria, which act directly on the cause of the disease is the fungus-the dermatophytes. Essential tea tree oil contains alpha-phellandrene, limonene, cineol, and other substances that provide antiseptic properties and anti-inflammatory effect.

Before using essential oils it is necessary to conduct an Allergy test is to put a little money on the skin of the wrist, if within 12 hours without any irritation, redness, rashes and other reactions, this tool can be used for medicinal purposes. Otherwise, it should be diluted to a safe concentration or even abandon this method.

Ways to use tea tree oil:

  • Foot bath with tea tree oil. In a bowl pour warm water up to the level of the ankle, add 15-20 drops of essential oil and hold in her foot for twenty minutes, maintaining the high temperature (45-50 degrees). The course of treatment is two months to do the bath on a daily basis. In the process of healing procedure, you must remove the affected areas of the nail plate using nail file, nail nippers or scissors.
  • The application of oil on the nail plate. If you have no reaction to the concentrated tea tree oil, to enhance the effectiveness of the impact it is applied in its pure form on the affected areas of the nail. Pre-steam the feet in warm water with soap (for a better dissolution, it can be grated). Oil rubbed into the nail plate with a cotton swab twice a day, rinse agent is not necessary.

How to cure fungus on toenails fast?

Internal and external use of hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of infectious and other diseases described the doctor in this area in a book written based on personal experience. He mentions hydrogen peroxide as a prophylactic agent with antibacterial properties.

External application of hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of fungal infection is done after steaming feet in warm water with dissolved baking soda at the rate of one teaspoon per gallon. If the nail plate becomes soft, take a small piece of the affected area of the nail with a nail forceps and soaked in 3% peroxide, apply to the nail plate. Leave for 10-15 minutes for the nails of the hands or from 40 minutes to an hour on my feet. Carry out the procedure twice a day until symptoms of fungal infection.

To minimize evaporation of the peroxide and increase the intensity of the impact, the nail plate with lotion wrapped in plastic wrap. At the end of the exposure time to rinse the toes and hands under running water.

In medical purposes it is recommended that the backfilling of the cavity of the nail with hydrogen peroxide three times a day.

Good results are baths for hands and feet (depending on the localization of onychomycosis) with hydrogen peroxide. Dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide in water temperature 40-50 degrees at the rate of two tablespoons per liter of water. Procedure time to fifteen minutes, regular meeting – twice a day during the week.

Effective treatment of advanced forms of nail fungus on feet

This extreme method of treatment of a fungal infection is applied in case of lesion of the nail plate, use it with caution, so as not to damage the skin.

To get rid of fungus, the nail is treated with a rust Converter (it can be purchased at auto parts store). This product contains phosphoric acid, which effectively kills the fungus, but careless use can damage the skin tissue. Therefore, in the process of its application is necessary to comply with safety regulations – work in a well ventilated area, use protective glasses and rubber gloves, avoiding contact with the skin and mucous membranes.

! A more secure method is to use kerosene, which also has high penetrating ability and a very large effect on the fungus.

Other folk remedies fungus toenails

A comprehensive treatment of fungus toenails with the use of folk recipes based on hydrogen peroxide can kill the fungus and get rid of the odor and other related symptoms.

Two effective folk remedies against fungal infection:

  1. To prepare the therapeutic mixture you will need slaked soda (0.5 Cup), hot water (4 cups) hydrogen peroxide, 3% concentration (0.25 cups) and half a Cup of magnesium sulfate or Epsom salts. Carefully mix all components and pour in a quarter Cup of vinegar. The resulting solution soak a cotton swab and attach on the affected fungus nail plate with adhesive. To renew the bandage every ten hours, the course of treatment is a month.
  2. Treatment of fungus on this recipe consists of three stages. First, you need to prepare a solution for treatment of the affected by the fungus surface of the nail and skin – mix 3%-th vinegar and peroxide in 3% concentration in 1:1 ratio. This mixture is treated feet, while she hisses. The second stage is the immersion of the fingers due to fungal infection of the nail for half a minute in a weak solution of bleach in water, after which they are thoroughly washed under running water and wipe dry with a towel. At the end on the nail plate applied tea tree oil mixed with petroleum jelly in equal proportions. Wear warm socks or gloves (if this technique is used for the treatment of cancer-mycosis of the nails on the hands). The course of treatment – a week.
  3. How to cure fungus
  4. Novocaine lotion. Very simple, but effective folk remedy in the treatment of fungus is procaine lotion. Just soaked a piece of cotton wool novocaine and applied to the fungus at night. Only two of these lotions to get rid of the fungus.
  5. Tincture resin apricots: 1 tablespoon removed from the tree resin pour a glass of vodka, insist in for three days. Lubricate with the solution, the skin of the feet and nails. Before each use, shake well. To treat it took us a month, affected nails cut as exfoliation, grew a new, healthy. On examination, the doctor confirmed the healing. Still I can recommend to use in this case, the old sunflower oil.
  6. Application of garlic: a clove of garlic to squeeze out with the help of the spadefoot toad, to put a lot on the nail, cover with cellophane and wrap with a bandage or wear a fingerstall. To leave the bandage on until morning. The procedure is repeated every day and a new nail will grow back.
  7. A strong coffee. Few people know that ordinary, but strong coffee is a very good folk remedy for treatment of fungus. Dilute your coffee stronger and simply immerse in a Cup of hands or feet – depending on where you have the fungus. This procedure is best done in the evening before bedtime. The fungus completely disappears after several formal procedures. The skin becomes smooth and rapidly are in pain.