Folk remedies for nail fungus on feet quickly and efficiently

Folk remedies for nail fungus on your feet will help to destroy fungal infection and quickly restore the nail plate from deformation.

Fungus on the feet points to two problems: decreased immunity and contact with the media. The infection is easily transmitted in any public place: in the bath, the sauna, the pool, the gym or other crowded places. There are many medicines, but people often prefer traditional medicine, because the drugs are often expensive, have contraindications and side effects. Treat fungus folk remedies has been proven in practice for many years.

Let's look in details what are the traditional recipes from fungus of the toenails, you can apply at home and how to treat the infection.


iotova bath Alcoholic solution of iodine – one of the most popular remedies to cure foot fungus at home. He is an active antiseptic and has antimicrobial, antifungal properties, has a disinfectant, podsushivayuschee actions. In addition, a solution of iodine coagulates protein molecules, that is, they simply collapsed. As you know, the fungi have a protein structure.

Iodine solution at home quickly restores nails damaged areas of the feet, interdigital zone. But there are some drawbacks, namely:

  • affects not all types of fungi;
  • provokes development of allergies, so 24 hours before the start of treatment should be to put a drop of iodine on the inner area of the elbow: if there is redness, apply it;
  • color the nail yellow;
  • prolonged use may burn, dermatitis, problems with the thyroid gland due to the high content of iodine in the body;
  • iodine solution will help eliminate infection only at the initial stage of the disease when he suffered one-third of the nail plate.

How to use iodine

Treatment of nail fungus foot folk remedies, given below, is carried out for 1-2 months. The solution helps to eliminate the symptoms: itching, unpleasant odor. But immediately after the symptoms disappear, to abandon the treatments.

  1. For the treatment of nails you need to use a 5% alcoholic solution of iodine. Apply it 2 times a day a drop on the affected area. Processing is necessary and healthy tissue, toenails, causing one drop of 1 times in two days.
  2. In hot water, add iodine, to steam the stop for 15 minutes. After that, the deformed part of the nail to be cut, on skin, apply 3% hydrogen peroxide. To complete the procedure should be the lotion with antibacterial drug.
  3. Traditionally used a treatment regimen: during the first two weeks to process fucorcin affected areas, and then two weeks to smear them with iodine, two weeks – 9% solution of vinegar.
  4. In a dark container mix equal amounts of iodine, the last time, the juice of garlic. Add 10 g of vinegar. Apply at night to the affected area, pre-steamed. With this structure it is possible to carry out painless removal of the nail.
  5. Before going to sleep every day to make the soda bath salt with iodine (1 liter of water 150 g sea salt/50 g sodium). After steaming the affected area of the nail with a nail file to grind, to cut with scissors, treated with iodine entire foot.

Important! In the processing of healthy and diseased sites should use the various tools or disinfect them. To absorb the fungus is often the cause of relapse, and therapy folk remedies will not work.

Treatment Kombucha.

Kombucha has antibacterial and antifungal properties due to the presence of usnic acid and yeast. These components – opponents Streptococcus, diplococcus. But such a fungus like Candida, Kombucha does not relieve. For nail fungus treatment will need a very strong concentration of the solution.

A three-month infusion of Kombucha boiled for 40-50 minutes, filtered. At night applied to the affected area with a cotton disk soaked in a treatment infusion. After the procedure is required every time to remove the diseased part of the nail with nail scissors and apply iodine solution.

There is another popular method of treatment of nail fungus. Need to cut a piece of Kombucha, mash it to a pulp, RUB it into the affected area twice a day.

It is impossible to provide treatment in the following cases:

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • when diagnosing in a patient of alcoholism: mushroom contains alcohol;
  • in the presence of diabetes, and allergies;
  • when diagnosed with hepatitis, HIV, AIDS.

Preferably, the combined treatment of nail fungus folk remedies, that is, to use iodine in conjunction with antifungal herbs, medications or antibacterial ointments.

Treatment with copper sulfate

Copper sulfate, or copper sulfate, has antiseptic properties, well dries the skin, quickly removes mold. Therefore, it is a remedy for fungus toenails also found to be effective.


Copper sulphate has an active effect on nail fungus, treatment methods are:

  1. To 1 tsp of vitriol and add warm water. Part to bring to a homogeneous mass in the pelvis, lower legs part for 15 minutes. At first you may feel a slight tingling sensation, but it's not terrible. Sulphate is aggressive substance, so it is best to use the plastic containers for trays. After the procedure to treat nail essential oil of tea tree.
  2. Take 25 g of copper to be heated up in the pan until the component is not painted in grey or white color. Add 25 g of yellow sulfur, 50 g goose fat. The composition mix well, apply on the nail. It is advisable to do a lotion for the night.

Warnings for use of copper:

  1. It is impossible to prevent contact with eyes, skin and inhalation of the powder.
  2. Exceed stated dose is unacceptable! Sulfate is toxic element. In small quantities it's not terrible for humans. For violation of dosage may develop itching, hives, burning, dermatitis.
  3. It is forbidden to use this method of treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Before applying the sulphate should consult with your doctor. Treatment depends on the stage of defeat of nail plates.

Treatment of birch tar and soap

Birch tar

The old-fashioned way to get rid of foot fungus – treat them with birch tar, which have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it softens the Horny skin.

Apply the composition should be pre-treated feet: they need to steam in the soapy water, trim the affected nails to remove dead skin. In the future, with a cotton swab affected area is treated with birch tar. For two hours the mixture is on the skin and nails, and without bandages, with access of air. Better at this time to take a horizontal position. During therapy is recommended to treat birch tar insole.

Folk remedy for nail fungus – ointment from birch tar. To prepare it, you will need: cream or badger fat, tar, taken in equal amounts. Applied for 2 hours on the affected areas then washed off with warm water and soap.

Also used tar ointment with the addition of sulfur on the basis of the fat badger. Components are taken in the ratio of 2 parts of tar, 1 part sulphur, 1 part baby oil or fat badger. To heat and stir until smooth. Ointment is superimposed on the nail, the top is fixed with a bandage will Help to quickly get rid of fungus on nails Prater Park, which includes glycerin and tar, taken as 70 g, and 100 ml of vodka. Lubricating composition nails need 2-3 times a day.

Coal-tar soap

The soap does have one drawback – odor. But it possesses disinfectant and restorative properties.

To use a tar soap you need the following:

  1. Baths. The soap is shredded, added 3 tbsp to a bowl of hot water. When nail fungus it is necessary to steam out feet composition for 10-15 minutes, then wipe dry.
  2. Mixture for rubbing. Milled soap to dissolve in water (150 g), add baking soda (100 g) juniper essential oil (5-6 drops). The composition is rubbed into the affected nails 1 time a day at night.
  3. Gadgets. To prepare a medicinal mixture to make a paste of soap and applied to the diseased region for 2-3 hours, fixing with plaster.

It is not recommended to use soap and birch tar in the following cases:

  • for extremely sensitive skin;
  • when the tendency to dryness of the skin;
  • if you are allergic;
  • when photodermatitis (Allergy to the sun).

What folk remedy to cure nail fungus: soap or birch tar, to say definitely not. It all depends on the stage of the disease, individual peculiarities of the organism. Before use, two compositions should consult a doctor, but in most cases this method of treatment is safe and effective.

Treatment with sea and table salt

sea salt

A simple way to eliminate the infection is using salt. Consider how to get rid of nail fungus on feet this folk remedy, whether it is effective. Salt has disinfectant properties. But, quickly eliminate salt infection is only possible in combination with antibacterial drugs, ointments, despite the performance of the rustic recipe.

How to use salt from fungus:

  1. Salt and vinegar diluted in warm water in equal proportions at the rate of 2 parts water, 1 part ingredients. In the composition of stand up, acting on the affected areas. Do baths for two weeks.
  2. Helps with fungus sea salt combined with mint decoction or infusion. You need to do with this group of lotions 14-21 days.
  3. Sea salt and essential oils is an effective way to quickly get rid of fungal microorganisms at an early stage of the disease. Not everyone knows how to treat nail fungus using these components. You can take any oil that has antiseptic and soothing properties: tea rose, juniper, fir, eucalyptus, chamomile. Enough 6 drops of oil to 2 liters of water and 100 g of salt or sea. To make the bath and lotions should be within three weeks.
  4. At an advanced stage will help the sea salt with garlic water. In a glass of water to dissolve 1 tbsp salt, 1 tbsp garlic juice freshly made. Treating twice a day. The therapeutic effect will be noticeable after a couple of days.

To a mixture of sodium or sea salt with water you can add herbal teas and tinctures of herbs that have antifungal properties. These include: clematis, celandine, aspen bark, thyme, calendula flowers. To cure fungus toenails folk remedies described above, is possible, but it should comply with the dosage and treatment regimen.

Treatment vinegar

Important! Before to treat fungus on toenails with vinegar, you need to ensure that the skin is well it is transferred. This method of treatment is not suitable for people with very sensitive skin. Vinegar is often the cause of burns. Look at how to cure fungus vinegar and why this traditional method is so popular.

Fungi do not tolerate an acidic environment, and perish in it. Therefore, the national treatment vinegar is effective. The treatment can be carried out even in a particularly advanced stage. But you must be prepared for a long course and have patience.

  1. The simplest option to cure fungus of the toenails is wetting 9% composition of nails. After the procedure you need to wear thick socks made of natural material. It is desirable to conduct this procedure at night.
  2. Another option is to mix the iodine and vinegar in equal proportions, treating the resulting solution diseased parts.
  3. Take 200 ml of vinegar, preferably wine and Apple. To heat the water, pour in the vinegar, lower legs and soar before you sleep for 20 minutes. Foot wipe. To do the bath every day
  4. To do gadgets need 9% vinegar, they moistened a cotton ball, Wring out and apply to the place where "settled" nail fungus. Wool must not protrude beyond the nail plate. To fix cotton pad with adhesive. The course of treatment – 5-7 days. To perform the procedure you need every day
  5. Another recipe from nail fungus: 1 art. L. Apple cider or vinegar 2 egg whites (you can substitute 2 tbsp of glycerin), 1 St.. L. alcohol. Apply the solution to cotton pad and apply to affected nail plates for 10 min. the Course of treatment is 3-4 months, the procedure is performed every day.
  6. Lotion from the nail fungus can be done with vegetable oil and vinegar, taken in equal proportions. The solution is also applied to the wool, fasten it with a band-aid.
  7. To prepare fungal cream is very simple. You will need: 100 ml of 70% vinegar, 1 tbsp. of dimethyl phthalate (available from pharmacies), 2 tbsp glycerin, 50 ml of olive oil. Mix ingredients, apply 2 times daily on the nail. The procedure is done for the night. In the morning wash the feet with soap and water.

Traditional medicine for fungus on nails effective, if treatments are performed regularly.


Fungus treatment celandine

Greater celandine is a fairly aggressive plant that can cause burns, not to forget during the treatment of fungus toenails.

To fight the fungus you need to use the juice of celandine, to make him baths, ointments, tinctures. We invite you to read that exist in the diagnosis of "nail fungus" treatment methods:

  1. Grind celandine into a blender or grinder, squeeze the juice, combine it with 250 ml of vodka, insist night. Lubricate the infected nail, after a 15-minute foot steaming and drying. To perform the procedure 2 times a day.
  2. In 2 liters of water, add 100 ml of juice of celandine. Soar feet 20 minutes, 2 times a day.
  3. Juice of celandine – 1 tbsp. oregano juice of 1.5 of art. L., 1 art. L. tincture of calendula, badger oil 1 tbsp mix. The composition is applied every day, 2 times a day.