To cure fungus toenails, you can quickly

Causes which develops fungus and infections:

  • harmful conditions of production (the risk of the workers in the forestry, chemical, metallurgical industries);
  • the presence of diabetes;
  • malignant and benign tumors in the body (often for the treatment of cancer assigned to chemotherapy, which kills the body's living cells and can attract fungus);
  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • infections that reduce the immunity;
  • treated early trauma to the toes;
  • the poor hygiene, constantly wet shoes and feet.

The cause of the disease and long-term treatment may not rid you of the disease itself. Quite often, the fungus returns, appear the same symptoms as before:

  • the toenail turns yellow, begins to exfoliate, crumble and unpleasant smell;
  • the skin around the toes is peeling, cracks, arise the sensations of itching and burning.

But if the doctor diagnosed that is nail fungus, you should not despair. There are many ways and options how to cure a fungal infection. The list of medicines is large, you can choose your creams, pills or special lacquer.

How to get rid of fungus at home

Numerous reviews will help to cure fungus toenails at home using time-tested folk remedies.

The medical solution of iodine

The most popular and simple treatment is a 5% solution of iodine needed daily to treat fungus affected areas of the nails. The course of treatment – up to two weeks will help remove the fungus. It is recommended to stop, if there is a burning sensation and feeling pain.

The iodine solution can be mixed with dry powder celandine and do daily compresses. Fungus completely gone after 4-6 days and start to grow healthy nails.


To accelerate the descent of the nail, which has damaged the fungus, the appearance of new healthy nail plate and the final destruction of fungus it is recommended to use alcohol tincture of propolis. propolis

That means faster and better effect, apply it to well vapore aquae calidae feet, after applying to put on warm socks.


  • tar in soap is applied to areas of nail and skin, which amazed a fungus with a small amount of salt, wrap and left overnight, it is recommended to carry out the procedure from 5 to 10 days;
  • after holding for fifteen minutes in a warm soapy bath with her grated soap, to clean skin, and infects the nail fungus is applied a layer of birch tar. Left for 1.5 hours, then the extra layer of tar is removed using a cotton swipe, his feet lay in a warm blanket or socks for another three hours. You can then repeat a warm bath with soap to thoroughly wash off the tar down.

Compresses with application of Kombucha

Large plate of the fungus are applied to the nails, shake my bandages and plastic wrap (to prevent leakage), put on warm socks and leave on overnight. Morning mushroom rinse feet with warm water, fungus is treated with a solution of iodine.

Bath with vinegar and potassium permanganate

Good clean skin and remove the fungus. 3 liters of water diluted with a tube of potassium permanganate and one liter of 9% vinegar. All thoroughly mixed. Foot Spa is recommended to do one week before you go to bed.

Mint salt

Wash with salt and green mint leaves is applied to patients with fungus nails, between toes, in an hour the lotion is removed, wash your feet with warm water.

Homemade ointment eucalyptus

Which is easy to prepare by mixing eucalyptus essential oil, a teaspoon of honey and Apple cider vinegar. The mixture before use clean the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Ready ointment applied on the fungus that damage the nails every day, to grow up new healthy plate.

Alcoholate on the basis of the Golden mustache

0,5 liter of vodka is about 50 segments of the plant, mix, insist in a sealed container for about a week. Can be used every day, in diluted condition — add same amount of water.

Tincture of flowers of lilac

2 tablespoons of inflorescences pour 0.5 cups of vodka, insist 2 weeks and is applied in the form of friction on the diseased nail prior to the new healthy plate and final disposal of the fungus.

Compresses of the flowers Kalanchoe

To make the night Kalanchoe to the affected places. Wrap with a bandage or post using antiseptic plaster.


Effective not only for the treatment of colds. Helps to cure fungus, both outside and inside the human body.

  • tea or a decoction of garlic is used orally;
  • grated fresh garlic applied on the affected areas of the nails for 1 hour as a compress, rinse with warm water;
  • tincture of garlic and vodka – is made from equal parts of two ingredients, apply it every day before bedtime.

Treatment with wine or Apple cider vinegar

wine or Apple cider vinegar

Ordinary vinegar, which is located in the kitchen each hostess can beat a fungal infection. Simple cotton socks thoroughly soaked in 9-10% acetic solution, dress up for the night. After a week noticeable changes to the affected fungal nails to be noticeable.

You can make mix the vinegar and the glycerin solution in 1:1 proportion and apply on affected nails and feet.

Tincture from poplar kidneys

Mix half a Cup of the buds of poplar and half a Cup of vodka, insist 10-12 days. The proceeds applied on the affected by the fungus feet and nails. After a few days the nail will become softer in a week will start the growth of healthy nail plates.

Herbal decoction

To cure fungus inside can help tea with natural herbs oak bark, calendula, chamomile, BlackBerry leaves and common horsetail. Fresh or dried herbs are mixed in equal proportions.

Per Cup of boiling water you need one teaspoon of the mixture, all mixed and boiled for 10-15 minutes. It is recommended to drink , or to make lotions from broth.

Trays of freshly brewed coffee

It turns out that coffee beans, because they contain caffeine and acids can defeat the fungus. For effective treatment is enough for 10-15 minutes to make the toes of the coffee bath.

Packs of hell garden

Finely ground to a pulp sheet horseradish can be applied as a compress to the affected nails for 20-30 minutes every day, better in the evening. If you start to grow healthy nail — a process can be interrupted.

Water baths with salt and soda

A daily bath of salt and baking soda diluted in equal proportions with warm water will help the regeneration of the nail plate, disinfect the skin and help cure the fungus.

Recipe experienced hunters sour cream and gunpowder

According to them, if in three times a day on clean feet to make compresses of smokeless powder and cream, after a while a trace of the fungal infection will remain.

Simple measures to prevent

To quickly cure the fungus, it is possible to combine the methods of folk and traditional medicine, and to prevent the emergence of disease in the future, it is necessary to take a number of simple measures.

  1. After visiting public pools, baths or saunas, thoroughly wash your feet. Try not to use, common Slippers, not to transfer any of your towel. Carefully select common areas, with a choice of sauna, pool or bath – make a trial visit and see the quality of cleaning, compliance with the rules of disinfection. If possible, ensure that staff complies with the rules of hygiene, in time to undergo a medical examination.
  2. After taking a shower or bath, carefully dry your feet, especially between the toes.
  3. Wear socks and hosiery of cotton or other natural materials, they do not allow excessive sweating of the feet.
  4. Follow the rules of hygiene – wear only your underwear, do not let it to someone on lease. Buy special antibacterial soap to wash feet and body.
  5. Keep your feet dry – warm shoes if wet.
  6. Do not use tight shoes or socks – they often are the cause of microtraumas and ingrowth of the nail, and those, in turn, can trigger the development of fungal infection.
  7. To try on shoes at the store always use disposable wear.
  8. If you're going to visit — bring your indoor shoes.
  9. Care foot skin and nails. When you visit pedicure salons, do not be lazy to ask the master, how often is disinfection of equipment and the quality of the materials.
  10. Summer walk in the dew barefoot. The procedure will allow to get rid of calluses, corns and tempering the body.
  11. Complete treatment — strengthen your immune system with vitamins, exercise and eat right.

If you have a carrier of a fungal infection

  • thoroughly clean common areas, clean shower, sink, and shower cleaners;
  • dirty linen to be washed at the maximum temperature or boil;
  • after the washing of the feet to lubricate them with hydrogen peroxide or a special cream for the prevention;
  • the total sponge after every use should be treated in a solution of chloramine;
  • treat sweaty feet with special creams and powders;
  • change socks every day and linen;
  • when the injury nail, feet or skin of the feet, clean the leg means against the fungus.

Treatment of fungal inflammation of the nails, especially on the legs may take from one week to several months.

Try to detect a disease, do not start the treatment of an infected nail infection on the foot, any inflammation lowers the immune system, puts you at risk of other more serious diseases.