Treatment of nail fungus on big toe

Fungus on big toe – a condition that can happen to anyone. It is not just the change in appearance of the nail, but in the itching, pain, redness. The finger may swell, will appear edema, circulation will be hampered. For research this condition is called "onychomycosis" and if you ran into him, you'll have to treat it, as it will not work.

nail fungus on big toe treatment

How to recognize fungus on the big toe

The disease begins with a slight discomfort, which the patient initially does not pay attention. This may be a slight itching, tingling. After some time there are visible changes in the appearance of the nail plate. At this stage the majority of patients understand that they need treatment. The nail plate becomes not as shiny as in the healthy fingers, then it gets a yellow or gray tint. The nails become brittle, may crumble, eventually darken. The fungus damages the vessels under the nail plate, causing the nail to turn black. In advanced stage there is an unpleasant smell, may have a fever, the patient feels overwhelmed and weakened. To a fungal infection often associated bacterial, which is characterized by a purulent discharge from under the nail, more high temperature and need antibiotics.

Peculiarities of treatment of fungus on the big toe

The fungus infection in 90% of cases starts with the big toe. There are several reasons. First, the finger is often in contact with the shoes. Second, the mechanical effect on him ever stronger. As a result, the appearance of cracks, blisters and other damage. Any damage to the skin, even the minimum – it's an open door to fungal infection. If you start treatment immediately at the first symptoms, stop the disease can be much faster. If not immediately cure the nail fungus with thumb vertuntur super to other nails, interdigital space and the whole foot.

Features of treatment:

  1. Treatment should start immediately.
  2. All the procedure should be performed systematically.
  3. Treatment nail plate after you perform the preparatory procedures.
  4. Inspect other nails.
  5. Preventive treatment of healthy nail during treatment.
  6. After treatment for some time use the homemade methods of dealing with fungus as a preventive measure.
  7. If home treatment does not work, be sure to consult your doctor.

Start medication only after consulting a doctor.

Medical treatment of nail fungus on big toes

fungus of toenails treatment

If you are not a supporter of folk medicine, and the disease not far advanced, you can do only local treatment. For this, pharmacists have developed a special varnish and antimycotic solutions.

Varnishes are composed of a substance (most often amorolfine) that disrupt the structure of cell membrane of the fungus.

Before medication, you should read the leaflet that describes the scheme of the application. Despite the fact that lucky look basically the same, to apply them strictly according to the recipe

To make the nail look more aesthetically pleasing, on top of the treatment varnish can be applied regular nail Polish.

The most commonly used medications in the treatment of nail fungus is creams and ointments. In their composition various substances that are actively fighting with the fungal infection. They are applied on pre – prepared nails- steamed, cleaned and dried.

The cream is easy to apply, the treatment is different painlessness and reliability. It is usually sufficient to apply any of the creams morning and evening. Work fast, be sure to soak feet in water with soap and baking soda for 15 minutes, then dry all damaged areas and remove mortuus skin. Special nail file remove the top damaged part of the nail. Remember – the deeper you penetrate the cream, the more effective it will be in the treatment.

In advanced stages of local treatment adds internal. Pills that are actively struggling with fungi, are the many contraindications and side effects. So before supplementation, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Most of these drugs cannot be used for the treatment of children and those patients who suffer from hepatic or renal insufficiency. Some medications can interact with drugs against athlete's foot, so put your doctor on notice if you also take other pills (including contraceptives).

Pills, varnishes, creams and ointments there are many other drugs. For example, sprays, powders, medicated plasters. Modern medicine can not only quickly destroy the fungus, but also accumulate in the tissues for a long time to protect them from infection.

Treatment of nail fungus on big toes

If the hard stage of the nail fungus cure without medication difficult, from the initial stage to handle even folk remedies. For those who prefer to be treated more natural remedies or have contraindications for treatment with drugs.

Toenail fungus treatment with coffee

Coffee is not only aromatic drink. It is also an effective remedy for nail fungus on the big toe. The ability to destroy the fungus was seen many years ago, and since then a large number of people unable to get rid of this disease, making baths or applying masks to the affected areas. Most often treatment with coffee spend so:

  1. Brew strong coffee, let it brew and pour into the foot bath, diluting with warm water. The solution for the steaming of the feet in coffee should be dark. Keep your feet in the liquid should be at least half an hour. Then take out the legs, well their wipes, if necessary, file away the diseased portion of the nail or scissors cut the plate.
  2. Use the pulp from dormientes coffee. Slurry spread on the nail with a thick layer, wrap in gauze, put on top plastic toe fix toe. Keep this poultice should be from one hour to 5 hours.
  3. Strong coffee in the composition of the solutions. For example, it can be mixed with a small amount of iodine, hydrogen peroxide, propolis or soda. Such solutions can be applied with a swab or used for baths.

Coffee contains many beneficial oils, vitamins and biologically active substances. So it not only fights disease but also actively cares for the skin and nails.

Treatment vinegar

Vinegar is a great remedy, quickly destroys the fungus. You can add it to foot baths, lubricate the nail plate, to make compresses. However, vinegar is a fairly strong acid, upon contact of the skin which can be burned, pain and slight abrasions. Therefore, avoid applying undiluted vinegar on the skin.

Don't forget that vinegar essence can be of different strength. The strongest – 70%, but often use a regular 9% Apple cider vinegar.

To make a therapeutic bath with vinegar, heat water to 50 ° C and add to each liter of water 3 tablespoons of vinegar. Do these trays can be used 2 times a day, however remember, vinegar is very dry skin, so it must be lubricated with baby cream. The use of special antifungal creams after acetic baths, lotions or compresses to accelerate the healing process.

For treatment it is necessary to take only natural Apple cider vinegar.

The soda treatment

Soda in high concentrations can erode the skin, so if you decide to use a paste of wet baking soda, close the skin around the nail with a band-aid. Also soda can be added to the solutions for baths. Well itself has recommended an herbal bath with the addition of soda. Add to any solution of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and soak feet in it for 20-30 minutes. Coat the damaged areas with a fungicidal cream, but the rest of the skin – oily baby cream.

Treatment with iodine

That the application of iodine to the nail plate makes it more strong, everyone has heard of. But iodine can not only strengthen nails, but also to cure them from the initial stage of the fungus. With the help of a cotton swab with iodine to cover all nails, including healthy – this is done for prevention. Usually after a few hours the iodine is absorbed, which indicates a lack of iodine in the body. In this case, apply the iodine with another layer. This procedure is performed 2 times a day.

Iodine can also be added to foot bath, mixing it with plain warm water or herbal solutions.

Treatment with garlic

Garlic – a natural antibiotic. He successfully destroys harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. So using it to treat fungus on the nail of the big toe is largely justified. Besides, it is a completely safe product available to everyone. Garlic is used either in single form or in combination with other products.

  1. Use the pulp of garlic. With allium supplemento squeezing 2-3 cloves, the resulting slurry is applied to the nail, bandages bandages, folliculus package (or to put Napoleonic). Leave for the night, carefully making sure not an unpleasant sensation – tooth, pain, swelling, which indicate local irritation, Allergy or sunburn.
  2. 5 cloves of garlic, fill with oil and leave in a dark place for at least a day. To speed up the cooking oil infusions each clove can be cut or punctured with a needle. This oil lubricated 3 times a day, patients nails.
  3. Tincture on alcohol. Garlic pour alcohol or vodka, insist days and used in the form of compresses. This compress can not long hold, as if to touch alcohol with the skin it causes a very unpleasant and painful burn.

If you are allergic to garlic, do not treat fungus in this way.


The perfect vitamin remedy that should be in every home. Unfortunately, today the spread of Kombucha decreased, but in some homes it can still be seen. Kombucha is a storehouse of useful biological components, vitamins, minerals. Consuming this drink, you increase your immunity so that the body quickly overcomes the fungus. The fungus produces special enzymes, which destroy fungi, therefore, making gadgets with this useful fluid, you will quickly cope with the disease. Kombucha is better to use the complex therapy, so as to completely cure the fungus, it can only at the initial stage of the disease.

Treatment of potatoes

nail fungus treatment

The cheapest fungus treatment – using potatoes. In order to prepare potato therapeutic weight, take potato peelings and boil in water. The resulting broth use trays for. After the procedure, wipe dry feet and wear warm socks. This procedure should be performed at least once a day.

Antifungal ointment to accelerate the healing process.


Ammonia is used either pure or as part solutions. Using cotton buds can cause the ammonia to the nail plate and leave to dry. Also you can add it to foot baths. Don't forget that you should avoid getting alcohol on the exposed areas of the skin.

Treatment of the nail on your thumb

Whether successful treatment of the nail on your thumb with traditional methods, depends, in the first place, from the patient's body and its immune system, as well as the stage of the disease. But in any case the treatment will be long enough – even after the disappearance of all symptoms, the risk of recurrence is quite high. Therefore, therapy in some cases for six months.

The initial stage

The initial stage is treatable easier. Sometimes it is enough during the week to anoint the sick nail fungus ointment, to do a few baths with iodine or salt, and the disease will retreat. You can cope with traditional methods, but it is better not to risk and to go to the doctor. Simple swab to identify the causative agent of the disease, and the doctor is not wrong in prescribing. You can treat fungus when a bacterial infection (or Vice versa), which will exacerbate the disease.

It is important to prevent the spread of the fungus to other toes, so just in case, handle and other nails (if not ointment, cream or spray, at least in iodine).

Middle stage

In the middle stages, if damage to the nails noticeable to the naked eye homemade treatments should be taken only as a whole. To poultices, scutras and comprimit you need to add special medical ointments. Just so you don't "pound" the fungus inside and quickly deal with it.

Severe stage and advanced cases

In advanced cases treatment includes not only traditional methods, ointments, creams and baths, but also receiving special antifungal tablets that the doctor prescribes. In severe cases, surgical intervention is necessary – removal of nail, laser, mechanical anesthesia or special chemicals. Sometimes severe stage of nail fungus big toe requires hospitalization, and adherence bacterial infections – prolonged treatment with antibiotics.