Foot fungus: home treatment, prevention

Timely treatment to start is difficult, since the disease and its symptoms are not very fast. Despite this, a closer relationship to your body, it is possible to diagnose the pathology, to start treatment quickly and get the desired positive result.

foot fungus

Symptoms and diagnosis of foot fungus

At the initial stage, the disease manifests itself barely visible stripes and spots on the surface of the toenails. They can be seen only if you look closely. As soon as the fungus multiplies, the lines and spots much lighter and the nail itself begins to change its shape. This process occurs quite slowly and often imperceptibly. Once the pathology reaches the more severe forms, the patient is facing such symptoms as:

  • A strong burning and itching;
  • The nail plate is thickened;
  • Notes brittle nails;
  • On the plate and on the tissues that surround it, is a plaque of white color;
  • From the feet begins to assume an unpleasant odor.

Important! With the appearance of these signs, one can judge the extent of the disease. To cure foot fungus at home in this case will be much longer and more difficult, but possible if you follow the recommendations of a professional.

To delay the beginning of treatment is strictly prohibited, as pathology not only affects the General condition of nails, but also on the overall health of the person. Harmful microorganisms live not only on the nail surface, but can penetrate deeper, gradually reaching the circulatory system. Being present in the blood, spores of the fungus harm the whole body as a whole, and to each his on. If for any reason there is no possibility to see a specialist, you should as soon as possible to begin treatment at home. the most important thing – not to be idle.

How to treat fungus on your feet?

Well how to treat fungus at home on the feet, this is a question that you need ask only specialist. The reason is that more than 300 different species of fungi, and each of them is characterized by its own threshold of resistance to certain drugs.

Important! In the treatment of foot fungus you want to use both oral and external products. It is necessary to eliminate the pathology, both externally and within the infected organism.

Means topical treatment is applied two to four times a day. These drugs effectively inhibit the process of reproduction of the fungus. As for oral medications, it is still in the process of penetration of the stomach they are distributed by blood. Passing through the body, they destroy all pathogenic germs. To achieve optimal results in the treatment process, the specialist will rely not only on the type of fungus, but also on the degree of development of pathology.

The initial stage of development of the disease

If the disease was detected at an early stage, the treatment process will not take much time. Doctors prescribe drugs.

These drugs are available in the form of solutions and ointments. The former is applied for the treatment of nails and creams for skin treatment. The use of such funds should be strictly according to instructions, and to carry out certain preliminary procedures. Feet should be thoroughly wash, and dry it on the affected areas to put drops of the drug. Performed this procedure several times a day, and the process of treatment lasts until full recovery.

Peculiarities of treatment in the second stage of pathology

In this case, the situation is slightly worse as the disease up to this stage of development is destroying a significant portion of the nail plate. The patient begins to experience discomfort from the disease – severe itching, burning, unpleasant smell. specialist at this stage appoints additional medicines.

They are applied to clean, dry nails. The preliminary procedure is complemented by the removal of dead parts of the nail. Only after that they applied drugs. Remove loose parts of the nail often contributes to the formation of voids, which in the process you need to fill drug. This greatly accelerates the onset of a positive result. Such events are required to conduct as long as the diseased nail will not be completely replaced by completely healthy. The process is long, but guaranteed effective.

Treatment of advanced forms of the disease

At this stage of development of a doctor is very important, there must be no self. A professional at this stage of development of pathology appoints the pills.

Important! Oral treatment must be taken only after consultation with a doctor, as they have a large number of contraindications and side effects. Self-medication is fraught with serious complications.

Selection of drugs is carried out after a thorough microscopic study of the fungus, and the overall condition of the body. Simultaneously with drugs the doctor compulsorily appoint procedures based on the recipes of folk medicine. Such comprehensive treatment is able to quickly deliver a positive result. Among them is the baths are popular because they effectively stop the progression of disease to other healthy parts of the body.

Rules of application of the baths

Therapeutic baths are prepared using various components. Before you introduce a few common recipes, you should pay attention to the rules of this form of treatment. Otherwise, such procedures will not bring the desired effect. Among the main conditions include:

fungus treatment
  1. Baths should be done every day and before sleep.
  2. It is important to use boiled water.
  3. The water temperature should not be hot and cold, about 45 degrees.
  4. The procedure lasts on average 15 minutes.
  5. It is important to carry out a standard pre-treatments with washing of the feet and remove dead skin layers, as the skin and the nail. This can be done with a regular pedicure tools after use it is important to thoroughly disinfect.

After the bath foot I don't need no rinsing, just wipe dry and process prescribed antifungal drug.

The ideal option would be the use of special baths with baking soda. To prepare anti-fungal foot bath at home is quite simple – a couple of liters of water is taken 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda. This ingredient is able to create a special alkaline environment, which does not allow fungi to develop. After long-term systematic use of such baths, the fungus completely recedes.

The main methods of treatment folk remedies

There are many popular recipes treatment of fungal infection. Home remedies for foot fungus can be effective only at the initial stage of pathology development. When running the form it is only used in proper combination with the designated professional treatment of drug drugs. Each of the methods should be considered in more detail.

Treatment with garlic

Garlic is the most effective product that can be used to eliminate fungal infections. Grind the cloves with a knife and as a compress applied to the affected areas. It is advisable to apply a special bandage to keep the compress throughout the night. The treatment process you do not interrupt, just in the morning and evening time to change the compress.

The use of hydrogen peroxide

This tool is characterized by an optimal antibacterial effect. Before using makeup, legs, it is important to steam in the soda solution. The tool can be used in the form of lotions, dripping on the nail for a few drops, and then attached cotton balls. The compress should be kept for about an hour, and the procedure is carried out twice a day. With peroxide you can also make the bath, dilute 4 tablespoons of the drug in two liters of water. Feet in the solution should keep for two hours and preferably twice a day – morning and before bedtime.

The use of ammonia

Quickly defeat the disease with the help of ammonia. One false means diluted in 200 ml of water. In solution wet a cotton or gauze pads and applied to the affected areas. A compress is also better to fix, because it should be left for the night. For optimal results, the procedure should be done three times a week until all symptoms disappear disease.

The leaves of mountain ash

In this case it is important to use only fresh young leaves of plants collected in a clean area. The Foundation is pounded to the special status of the porridge, and then the composition is applied to affected areas on the night.

Treatment with lemon

Recipes based on lemon no less effective in the process of defeating rot fungi. The fruit is simply cut into small slices and applied to the affected areas of the nail plate. The poultice should be a set routine with cling film and bandage. The total time of this treatment averages 10 days, and the major advantage is the possibility of the return nails a healthy appearance at any stage of development of pathology.

All of the above folk remedies for the treatment is characterized by individual side effects. It can be, as different external manifestations of beauty, and the more complex consequences for the organism.

Rules for home treatment

home fungus treatment

Usually a positive result becomes visible after a week of treatment. If there is a positive trend, the proceedings should not be discontinued until full recovery. Often there is a strong burning sensation of the affected area, itching his. If discomfort, frequency of procedures can be reduced, but not to stop, as these signs indicate the beginning of recovery.

The time of treatment may be different depending on the degree of development of pathology, ranging from three weeks to a couple months. The speed of treatment depends on the careful observance of certain rules. Among the most important are the following:

  • Don't go to saunas;
  • Should abandon the beaches and pools for a while;
  • Important daily change of socks;
  • Prohibited conduct the procedure of pedicure;
  • After each washing of their feet should be thoroughly wiped dry.

The basic rule of treatment is to ensure that the feet always dry. It is even possible to use a special powder.

Summing up

Despite the effectiveness of treatments, the treatment at home foot fungus takes a lot of time and material resources. For this reason, you need to pay attention to certain preventive measures. In other words, to prevent the disease much easier, than then to eliminate it.

It is important to know what are the preventive measures related to the prevention of fungal infections. Even earlier the disease is no guarantee that the pathology can not be infected again. The main preventive measures that will help to forget about the troubles, are such important factors, as a permanent observance of rules of personal hygiene, a complete ban on wearing someone else's shoes and to use someone else's hygiene.

In rooms with high humidity it is better not to move barefoot. It is very important regularly wash and ventilate the shoes. It is necessary from time to time to carry out a course of therapeutic varnishes to combat fungal infections.

The above rules are guaranteed to eliminate the infection of such disease. Also help attentive to their health. When the first signs of fungus you should immediately seek help from a professional, who will prescribe quality treatment, based on the characteristics of the patient and on the kind of lung fungus.