Means of fungus on the feet. The most effective

To effectively get rid of athlete's foot and between the toes it is important to choose the right therapeutic agent. They should help to cure the infection quickly and permanently. It is not enough to go to the drugstore and buy the most expensive or hyped product. After all, you need to acquire remedy from fungus on the feet most suitable for your condition.

That is why, before to treat the disease, it is necessary to visit a doctor to confirm the presence of fungi and to learn its type. And then, based on this information, you can determine exactly which drugs will be most effective in the treatment of disease.

nail fungus

Antifungal drugs for toe local action

When dealing with athlete's foot apply to both external and internal medications. Drugs local actions are assigned always, system – on request.

The affected areas of the feet can be processed:

  • Creams;
  • Ointments;
  • Ramis;
  • Solutions.

Each form is represented by a large number of drugs from different manufacturers. The choice of specific drugs is exercised by the dermatologist based on the clinical picture of the disease, the individual characteristics of the patient, their experience, feedback from patients and colleagues.

There are a few General rules, which helps to destroy fungus using various antifungals local action:

  • You need to carry out simultaneous treatment of all infected areas of the skin;
  • When applying product it is not only affected by the fungus tissue, but also on the neighboring;
  • The epidermis before using topical treatments needs to be cleaned well with soap and running water.
Relative safety antimycotic topical medications should not be the basis for their uncontrolled use. Even using the most effective remedy for foot fungus to active substances which the microorganism is susceptible, can only worsen the skin condition, losing precious time and hamper the recovery!


drugs from fungus

Common form of antifungal drugs local actions are ointments. They can be both domestic and imported.

Antimycotic ointments vary greatly in price. However, pick a good remedy for foot fungus, focusing only on its cost, not. Because it depends not only on the therapeutic properties of the active substance, but also on additional components that are used in its structure, the marketing policy of the manufacturer, famous brand. Often, cheap medicines, but are effective on drugstore shelves next to similar drugs that are much more expensive.

The best remedy for foot fungus selected for each patient by the doctor individually. Therefore, if the patient doesn't want to overpay, you need to ask a dermatologist to indicate in the assignment of possible counterparts of the medication and select the pharmacy cheaper option recommended by the doctor.


In addition to ointments, there are other similar in structure drugs from fungus. It creams. They effectively stop the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Are used in the treatment of diseases in acute form, and for prevention of recurrence.

In addition to the antimycotic effects creamy the proceeds from the fungus have properties to relieve irritation, inflammation, regenerating tissue. They are well remove unpleasant odors occurring in the pathology.

If the athlete's feet running, then antifungal creams will not be able to cure the disease completely. In such cases, the best option to achieve a full recovery – the use of complex therapy of the disease, which is a combination of drugs for external and internal application method!


Very popular remedy for a fungus of the local actions that can not be spread on foot, and spraying. They are available as sprays, are no less effective than creams and ointments, however, last longer on the skin. This property allows treatment of the fungus much faster than with other drugs of local action.

Sprays are indispensable if the infection has spread to inaccessible of locations of the foot and it is difficult to smear these areas with other drugs. They are the first assistants in the treatment of weeping lesions and excessive sweating feet, as they have a strong drying and disinfecting effect.

Sprays can be used not only for the treatment of fungus. They are completely invisible preventative measure. It is recommended to spray on legs fans of saunas and pools before visiting these places.

iotova bath

The use of other means of local action for the treatment of fungus

In addition to ointments, creams and sprays doctors recommend to use other inexpensive but effective drugstore antifungals. These include:

  • Iodine;
  • The propolis.

These tools can be purchased at the pharmacy without much difficulty. They are easy to use and very effective in complex treatment of foot fungus.


Very cheap and affordable remedy that kills most types of fungus. In addition iodine is an antiseptic, which helps to cope with concomitant infection by pathogenic microorganisms.

This inexpensive tool is used as skin and nail mycosis.

A few popular variants of application of an alcoholic solution of iodine to treat fungus:

  • Baths. In two liters of hot water diluted with a tablespoon of iodine. The feet once a day for fifteen minutes. After this the skin well and wipe treated with a prescribed antifungal ointment or cream. The bath is used not only for treatment but also for prevention of fungus;
  • Wiping. A cotton swab dipped in iodine twice a day, treated the affected and surrounding skin areas of the feet.
Iodine is a very strong allergen. To verify that you will not have a skin reaction, apply a drop on the elbow bend. If redness and itching is not observed, we can safely use for medicinal purposes!

Propolis solution

In any drugstore sells a very powerful antifungal agent, which belongs to the category cheap enough. This alcohol tincture of propolis. It contains substances, in addition to the antimycotic effects have wound healing and antimicrobial effect.

Getting on the skin, propolis forms an invisible duis. Due to this there is not only treatment of the epidermis, but also his defense.

To destroy the fungus on the feet recommended for these recipes:

  • Dampen a Cotton swab in the tincture of propolis, apply to infected areas of the feet and strapped fascia. Compress leave for a few hours, but no harm if to keep him all night;
  • A teaspoon of alcohol tinctures of propolis is poured into five liters of hot water accumulated in the basin. In the solution for ten minutes soar feet. After that, wipe the skin and put on socks. Procedure is done once a day before bedtime.

Cure foot fungus with systemic action

If the treatment of athlete's foot by applying topical treatments is only impossible, the dermatologist resorted to the appointment of pharmaceutical products which are for oral administration.

Systemic therapy of fungal infections is very effective. However, drugs have a fairly wide range of side effects, so is assigned only when absolutely necessary. The pills for fungus on the feet can not be applied to pregnant and lactating women, they are not advised to give to children and people who have chronic diseases of internal organs.

An experienced dermatologist to treat the selection of antifungal drugs for systemic effects very carefully. He is sure to see not only the current health of the patient, but also learns about previous diseases previously encountered pathologies!

To the patient was cured of athlete's foot as quickly as possible, it is important not only to precisely antimycotic means, but also apply them correctly. In any case it is impossible to change the therapy prescribed by a doctor, and skip the processing of infected skin or taking systemic drugs. Only exactly fulfilling all the requirements of the doctor, you can achieve fast and effective victory over the fungus.