Fungus of the toenails: how to treat, the most effective means

The toe nail fungus is the medical name of onychomycosis. It is characterized by lesions of pathogenic microorganisms Horny plates of the toes and less often the hands. This does not lead to a significant threat to human life, but is quite unpleasant factor, which brings a lot of inconvenience. They stem from the fact that the nail begins to look aesthetically pleasing and smelly.
In some cases there are other symptoms, the negative ones are painful. About 20% of all inhabitants of our planet suffer from nail fungus, and each 100% inclined to relapse of the disease.

Causes and factors of development of the fungus

In medical practice, formed a strong identification of factors that contribute to the development of nail fungus on the feet. That is why it is important to carefully monitor their health for such categories of patients:
  • With injuries, clavisque, abrasions and Claudus feet, what happens for mismatched shoes or separate cosmetic procedures;
  • Which for certain reasons are unable to follow proper hygienic care of the feet;
  • With a weakened or depressed immune system;
  • Who are taking certain types of medications, including antibiotics;
  • With excess exercitatione sudorem, feet and whole body in General.
In the presence of at least one of the above factors the risk of nail fungus can increase several times. That is why you need to always avoid the causes that provoke the infection with pathogenic microorganisms.
Often the infection comes from the relative with whom a person lives in one room and uses common household items. The probability of infection is significantly increased in the case of the use of common towels, washcloths, rugs in the bathroom.
That is why very often the infection is also in some public places where people are faced with objects used by others. These are steam baths, saunas, gyms, pools and beaches. Distinguishes these places of high humidity, which is a favorable environment for the development of mycosis. It should be noted that fungal spores are pretty hardy, so can withstand extremely high and extremely low temperatures. They are present even in the beach sand, which hit in small cracks on the feet caused by a fungus of feet and nails.

Treatment creams and ointments

Treatment of mycosis in the early stages of the disease when it has not yet managed to acquire a severe form, is best done with the help of medicines outdoor applications. Antimiotiki, which are applied from the outside, can be in different forms – gels, powders, creams, paints, etc. the Most common are ointments and creams. Among the many preparations for clinical study in relation to PsoriControl is quite clear. Seventy percent of medical institutions have confirmed the effectiveness of the substance. What is nail fungus

Based formulations of terbinafine

This substance functional as well as eliminate the fungal infections of a various origin, regardless of the type of fungus. Acts comprehensively, the use of safe, especially when used externally. The use of creams is referring to the lubrication of affected areas of skin 1-2 times a day, preferably an ointment to RUB a little. Treatment varies depending on the stage of the disease, and forms of fungus, but is usually 2-4 weeks. When applying ointments, in the upper layers of the skin terbinafine accumulates and disturbs the fungus in 4 hours there is a significant improvement of the skin. There are universal remedy for many skin lesions including psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, etc. Here are the most popular and effective ointment:
  1. salicylic. Regenerates the skin and destroy the fungus when used with a frequency of 1-3 times per day. Distinguishing feature – a quick course of treatment is 10-20 days;
  2. Zinc ointment is very popular because of the security effects on the body. It can be used during pregnancy, lactation and children. Apply daily 4-5 times;
  3. Sulfur. The effective substance that is used to 7 days, causing the skin 2 times a day.
As already mentioned, the treatment depends on the form of the disease, respectively, need to adhere to certain recommendations to achieve maximum results.
  1. When interdigital form of the fungus, usually the cream is applied 1-2 times a day. Symptoms disappear in 1-2 weeks, in some cases up to 4. H. Treatment must continue for 1 to 4 weeks depending on the drug to prevent the relapse of the disease;
  2. During cornification stop required before applying clean the skin from peeling, excess tissue, patients regrown nail. You can use salicylic ointment, otherwise the substance will not penetrate into deep layer of the dermis;
  3. vesiculosum form requires a preliminary treatment of removing bubbles from the liquid on the skin. To do this, open the blisters and remove the liquid structures. The remaining ulcer should be treated with boric acid (2%). In more complex cases you can use corticosteroid creams. The use of antifungal ointments is prescribed only after the removal of the acute form, then apply standard;
  4. Erased form is easily treatable, but often the fungus spreads to large areas of skin, so you'll have to use a lot of ointment. Alternatively, the use of foam, which is easy to apply and provides a protective film within 24 hours.


Not always therapy be carried out externally or locally, as in wide lesions of the skin, nails, and hands, you may want a more efficient vehicle. Therapy medication affects the entire body and improvement comes from within the body. Often the treatment is complemented by ointments, but the interaction of drugs should check with a specialist. Laser therapy

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is a modern treatment of mycosis, due to the penetration of the infrared spectrum is achieved by the irradiation and the death of the fungus. Of course, the procedure is not a panacea, but after 2 months of infection is eliminated and that is important painless. Applying a similar therapy is possible the emergence of side effects. To completely eliminate mycosis have to undergo 610 sessions, while adhering to the interval of 1 week. Before each procedure to cleanse the skin and cornutae vaporetur legs, arms. Laser therapy is performed only in clinics.

Treatment of nail fungus pharmacopolium drugs

Treatment of the fungus should be determined by the dermatologist. Which tool is best to use in each case is influenced by the vastness of the spread of the disease, its form, duration, and the presence of comorbidities. There are a variety of its action pharmacy treatment for nail fungus that can be used separately from each other, and in combination. The decision should take only the treating doctor, as the nail may also have side effects and some contraindications. Quite popular and effective are different paints, sprays and solutions. It should be noted that the treatment of these funds are often very lengthy.They should be from several months to a year.
There are alternative methods of influence on fungus of the feet, which are not always supported by official medicine. Despite this, the reviews of those who used them, talking about efficiency. But it is best to be careful enough to choose carefully what to treat nail fungus.

How do you get fungus

The fungus is very contagious and difficult to treat disease. It is nonheritable. In fact, you can become infected in any contact with spores that can persist on the surface for very long. Allocate 2 types of infection:
  1. A direct path. The fungus penetrates through the soil, plants, contact with the sick person and sometimes to animals;
  2. Indirect path. Through the use of items that previously were in the everyday life of the patient and was infected.

Traditional methods of treatment

Traditional methods of treatment Since fungal nails are quite common, there are many ways their therapy at home without the high cost. Often this means products that are often in the economy for everyone. Quite effective are the following methods of treatment of nail fungus:
  1. With the help of washing powder. The effect of this remedy of nail fungus based on the presence in the powder bases, which are a hostile environment for the existence of pathogens. First you need hundred grams dissolve in hot or warm water. After that in this solution it is necessary to soar feet. The pores of the skin will gradually become open, causing the powder to be held in them, killing the fungus. All the symptoms of the disease disappear for a week, but it is better to apply this method ten days to secure the result.
  2. Good idea to treat nail fungus can also hydrogen peroxide. Before applying it you need de vaporetur feet in hot water. In a liquid it is best to add a small amount of baking soda – 1 liter used 1 teaspoon. After steaming a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide should be put on the affected areas of the skin and the nail. Then wrap it in cellophane for 4560 minutes. Depending on how far progressed the disease, the course of such procedures can range from two weeks to several months. During the day, additionally, you can pour a few drops of peroxide into the cavity of the nail.
  3. Well established in the fight against nail fungus garlic. For application of the method should be one clove adepto wet in normal salt, and then RUB them sore spot. And also, the product can be prepared a special gruel for the application, similar to those used with the peroxide.
  4. Diluted one tablespoon of ammonia in 200 milliliters of normal water can help eliminate the fungal infection. In such a solution should be to dip a cotton cloth in which to wrap the affected areas at night.
  5. To prevent the spread of the infection using baking soda. One hundred grams of the substance poured a small amount of water to form a slurry, which is applied to the affected nail for 1020 minutes. After it has dried, it should be washed with warm water and the nails a little pulveris.
  6. As prevention of infection is a mixture of herbs. To do this, the same amounts of mixed mint, sage, nettle and chamomile. This mixture should be put in the socks that change every day. In the summer it is best to use fresh herbs, not exaruit.
  7. Good to use for the treatment of nail fungus baths of water, glycerine, iodine and vinegar. Water should be two times more than all other components combined. Before bed you should soak my feet in this liquid for about 15 minutes that will help for 10 days to cure non the started stage of disease.
  8. In the initial stages of development of the fungus if the infection has not yet managed to hit the nail, you can use cotton compresses with ethyl alcohol. They should be inserted between the fingers before bed for two weeks.
  9. In the treatment of nail fungus can help onions. It is necessary before use and finely chop on a grater, after which the resulting slurry is applied to the affected areas.
  10. Effective against nail fungus is boric acid. Her powder should be sprinkled to the feet before bedtime, then wear socks. Before this procedure should be well vapore aquae calidae feet, preferably in very hot water. The rate of application of this method is only 10 days.