How to treat nail fungus on feet at home

Fungus of the toenails often occur in people that do not observe personal hygiene. Not many people know how to treat the disease at home to quickly get rid of the disease. There are a lot of special drugs that help to eliminate the symptoms of fungus, but also stop the growth of microorganisms.

You can also use folk recipes for the treatment of fungus, to improve the condition and relieve itching. If not treated in time, it may have a negative impact on overall human health. We will describe the most popular methods of therapy that you can use at home.

The main symptoms of the disease

If the infection is in the initial stages, the patient may not notice it, as the signs of damage to the feet and nails manifest themselves. But after a certain period of time, the patient develops symptoms that indicate the presence of fungus:

  • the shade of the nail plate is changed, it acquires a turbidity, which indicates the disease;
  • gradually peels off the nail from the nail bed;
  • in the first stage, major changes are not observed, but over time, the nail plate becomes thicker and uneven;
  • in the area of the affected nail is pain, which greatly worries the patient while wearing the Shoe;
  • between fingers skin dry, there are formed small cracks;
  • there is a strong itching, which is usually localized between the toes on the feet.

At the first symptoms, you should find out how to treat fungus of the toenails. Therapy can be carried out at home, but first about how the treatment should talk to a doctor.

At the initial stage it is possible to do by means of local action. If the fungus spreads, you will have to use drugs in pill form.


The use of drugs in tablet form

These medications help cure the fungus at quite a late stage. Pills enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, thus destroying fungus in a comprehensive manner. This prevents the microorganisms to spread to healthy organs.

How to treat fungus of the toenails may suggest an attending dermatologist, the treatment is carried out at home, as the medication does not require a hospital stay. Therapy with these medicines is prescribed only by the attending physician. The doctor will be able to choose the optimal treatment regimen.

Before you start treatment, you should carefully examine the list of contraindications and possible side effects from the medication.

The main treatment options for popular recipes

Athlete's foot can be cured not only the medicines but also pet-friendly ways. To resolve acute symptoms and to hasten recovery, can be used:

  • baking soda;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • pure alcohol;
  • different herbs;
  • table salt;
  • solution of iodine;
  • washing powder;
  • acetic acid;
  • garlic.

All of these tools, when applied correctly, give a noticeable result. But keep in mind that for a good effect will have to wait for the regrowth of healthy nails, as well as to carry out the procedure every day.

If possible, the affected part of the plate is completely removed, it will speed up the process of recovery, as the nutrients will easily penetrate the affected skin. After using popular recipes, doctors recommend applying an antifungal ointment that will speed up the healing process.

Not every patient understands that it is necessary to know not only about how to treat fungus of the toenails, but also constantly to observe hygiene in the home. Every day should wear clean socks in time to wash linens, time to clean the shoes and carry out hygienic procedures.

Rules for the use of iodine

The iodine is quite effective in the treatment of fungus, in addition it has antibacterial properties and accelerates healing. Used as a method of treatment of at least one month, sometimes the course is extended to two months.

After several applications, you notice that the smell disappeared, and evaded other symptoms. Even if signs of the fungus disappear, you cannot stop treatment.

The main options of the application:

To perform the treatment of the affected stop, buy the iodine solution, in a concentration of not more than 5%. It is enough to apply on the affected area one drop of the product twice a day. Also should be treated and healthy tissue were not affected by the fungus.

Prepare a tray with iodine, water is heated and add the iodine. After that, the feet immersed in water and leave for fifteen minutes. When the procedure is completed, which increased the nail and the plate, which is moved, is removed with scissors. Next, lubricate the affected area with hydrogen peroxide and apply a bandage with antibacterial medication.

Classical scheme of treatment involves the use of drugs, this means first, lubricate the affected areas of nail and skin for fourteen days, and after that for two weeks apply a solution of iodine. Additionally, use a solution of 9% vinegar, it is also used fourteen days.

In an opaque bottle mix juice of garlic, the same amount of iodine nitrofungin. The resulting tool is added about 10 ml of acetic acid. The ready solution is applied to the affected part of the nail plate, previously of the foot should be warm.

Before bedtime, you should do the bath on the basis of salt and iodine. For this purpose, one liter of water takes about 150 grams of sea salt and a little soda, drip about 10 drops of iodine. If the skin is well heated, you can remove the affected portion of the nail, and then sanded the cut. Further, the entire foot is fully processed with iodine.

It is important to note that the removal of the affected nail and treatment of healthy areas, use a variety of tools. The clippers and scissors, which are used for the removal of the affected nail should be carefully disinfected.


Baking soda

Regular dining room soda helps to get rid of the fungus.

It is an effective remedy for those who are wondering how to treat fungus of the toenails, you can use baking soda at home, additionally using the funds in the form of ointments or drops from the fungus. Product has disinfectant properties, thereby not allowing pathogenic organisms to develop. Additionally, the soda helps to make parts softer.

To fully cure the fungal infection, the patient can directly use soda powder and solutions based on it:

  • Pasta. Soda powder mixed with a teaspoon of water to obtain a slurry, after which the composition is added a few drops of fresh lemon juice. The prepared mixture is applied on infected areas of the nails and leave for ten minutes, after the allotted amount of time the paste is washed off with warm water. Feet well rubbed with a towel.
  • Bath. In a bowl, pour warmed water, then there pour a few tablespoons of baking soda and pour liquid soap. In this solution immerse the feet and allowed to stand for about twenty minutes. To two liters of water is taken one teaspoon of baking soda.

Other methods of folk medicine

There are other options than to treat fungus of the toenails, to conduct such treatments at home. For the treatment can be applied:

  • The tea tree oil. The tool has a very strong antifungal effect of the oil helps to cure the fungus in a short period of time. To use the drug should be no less than three times a day. And that effect was stronger in the evening it is recommended to do a bath based on potassium permanganate and vinegar, and then apply oil.
  • The celandine. Effective herb that helps in combating nail fungus. To cook, you should take the fresh leaves of celandine and scroll them through a meat grinder. From the resulting mass squeezed juice, and then mixed with an alcohol concentration of 70%. Proportion respect to each other. The prepared solution is used three or four times per day, the product is applied on the affected area of the foot and nails. Not less effective have dry leaves of the plant, they are simply crushed by the grinder, and the finished powder mixed with tea tree oil or acetic acid.Costs to obtain a slurry, which is applied as a compress on the affected area.
  • Garlic. Some suggest to use fresh garlic, just making the cut and smear garlic juice on the affected area, but this scheme though simple in execution, but not too effective. To defeat a fungal infection, you should chop the garlic fine grater, and then to apply this mixture on the infected nail, put a cotton pad and wrap everything with a bandage.
  • The natural coffee. To cure athlete's foot, enough to cook coffee and put it in a ready solution of the foot, the temperature of the bath should be about 37-39 degrees.
  • The novocaine. With the help of this drug make gadgets, enough to soak a cotton pad Novocain, and then applied to the affected nail and leave on all night. Just two days of treatment to notice a positive result.

You can find a few other ways than to treat fungus of the toenails. All these methods are easily used at home. We describe the most effective options that will help get rid of the disease.

It should be remembered that personal hygiene is the key to successful therapy. During treatment, you should constantly change your socks daily and wash your feet with soap and water.

Soap: rules of application

Soap is not less effective in combating fungus than the above-described means and warehouses. We talk more about how to prepare the medicine on the basis of soap to get rid of the infection.

Several applications of soap:

  • Method the first. A sponge applied soap, and then rubbed her feet for at least fifteen minutes. During this period, the nail plate will become more soft, also the skin around the nail. This will enable you to easily remove the affected nail without causing pain. The edges of the fingers also treated with a pumice stone. Immediately after this the foot dry wipe, apply to the affected areas cream mycosis and go to sleep. In the morning feet are a little rinse with cold water and smeared with tar, and leave the tool until it is completely absorbed. Use this method for about two weeks.
  • The second way. You can quickly get rid of the infection, if every morning and evening to wash feet and toes with soap. Also, a solution for the bath, this soap is milled with a cheese grater, and then diluted one teaspoon of money in a liter of hot water, where you send spoon a tablespoon of soda. The composition of the mix and throw the foot. Bath is taken for about fifteen minutes and then use a pumice stone and antifungal drugs.

As the prevention of fungal diseases, should always clean the shoes and often change socks and not to forget the hygiene.