Reviews Tinedol

  • Katharina
    I started to walk to the pool and after a couple of weeks felt an itching between the toes. With time it spread on the foot, and everything added odor. Medical education is not needed to understand that it is a fungus. I remembered that yesterday saw a review on cream tinedolso decided to try. He coped well, the symptoms went very quickly, and most importantly re-infection has not occurred, despite the fact that the water aerobics class I don't leave. So I advise everyone to try tinedol!
  • Gerhard
    I don't know where he managed to pick up this stuff, but athlete's foot has caused me a lot of inconvenience. From feet and shoes was a horrible smell, despite the fact that I have good hygiene. To go to the doctor I was embarrassed, so I decided to self-medicate. Bought one ointment after another. Some have removed the itching and unpleasant smell, but only for a while, and some slightly weakened symptoms, and then only at the time of application. I understand that to be shy can't go on, when I noticed that the skin is covered with small ulcers. The doctor advised me cream tinedoland it's true. The fungus is not returned for the third month, so I recommend to all!
  • Katharina
    The daughter came from the camp and began to complain of itching feet. Without delay, we went to the doctor. Turned out to be a fungus. The doctor suggested a cream Tinedol and said that despite their quite safe composition, it is very effective. A couple of times I applied the cream, and the third time the daughter has refused to be treated as nothing disturbs, but the course still, we finished. In a few weeks I felt myself caught, decided to the doctor not to go and appointed Tinedolthat is also perfectly!
  • Michael
    I have long thought that the odor from the feet is natural. But when they began to appear cracks, and nail plate becomes thicker, I knew it was time to see a specialist. I was prescribed a course of special pills and cream tinedol. The result was not long in coming – now live without shame for the "smell" feet.
  • Astrid
    Husband got a fungus, but the doctor, of course, to drive it was impossible (there are powerless any arguments), so I decided to look on forums that people helped. All highly praised Tinedolso I decided to order it. Don't know how I would have made another drug, but this one took the symptoms very quickly, and relapse after using the cream my husband was not. So I recommend to all!
Reviews Tinedol